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Dukan Ancestor!!
In a word - not allowed. Sorry...

It will have 'hidden' carbs like thickeners, starches and most likely still some fat as well as sugar and salt. Definitely off the menu.
Okay-how annoying! It would make life a tad easier come cruise. Thanks anyhoo, x


** Chief WITCH **
Why would it? Ugh! Mayonnaise on salad? Ugh! Get some dressings recipes!
Haha-alright alright, calm down!! Yes, i like dressings too but mum is a no vinegar due to indigestion style girl so its not much of an option for her-we'll see! xx


** Chief WITCH **
No vinegar = fromage blanc + herbs + mustard... love it ;)
haha...thankyou ill pass that on!! :)
Hi, I've been reading about this diet in the press recently & do like the sound of it ( I'm currently doing lipotrim) but I use 2 love mayonnaise, but when I did SW at new year I switched 2 low fat creme fraiche instead & now I won't touch mayo. Don't no if it's allowed on this diet but if it is defo worth a try x
Anybody out there know about low fat creme fraiche? I'm presuming it wouldnt be low fat enough to fall into the dukan dairy catagory which is fat free only! xx


Not very good at this!
Dairy is meant to be as close to 0 fat as possible. I like natural yoghurt with a little balsamic (I know you said no vinegar) stirred in.
Thanks for this, mayonnaise is my absolute favourite and am missing tuna mayo badly! I'm not going to try tuna with fromage frais, lemon, cracked black pepper and salt :) x
mouniir said:
Weight gain in regards to actual body fat is only gained if you consume more calories than you burn. If you eat more calories worth of mayonnaise than you can burn off in a day, you will gain weight. You can purchase lower calorie mayonnaise.

Most mayonnaise has a high saturated fat content. This does not mean it will cause you to become fat necessarily, but it can cause high cholesterol if you consume a lot on a regular basis.
I must admit to a bit of a cheat here on occasion. I have hellmans Mayo, the only thing I ever used to use. I water it down a bit either with water or lemon juice. Then make sure the salad is tossed properly.

I have done balsamic/mustard dressings and yogurt is a good replacement....with added herbs etc.

I've seen in recipes LF Sour Cream used, and on occasion i put mint and lemon juice into some to waterit down and then put that on salad.

My losses so far have been fairly consistant.

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