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    Hi there
    i have followed a low carb eating plan. not atkins or that just reducing my carbs and not eating white flower or sugar at all. my question is that i found out my BMR is about 2500 - 2600 now i eat about 1800 at a struggle now . i kinda put on 9 lbs from 14 st 10 lbs and i really want to get this back down. shouldi eat 1800 ? should i eat more on gym days? if i do eat 1800 can this put weight on? i know that as a male i need 2500 to maintain.
    another question is that how big a deficit can i use? i used to eat very little maybe up to 1500 calories if that then i would be burning about 600 - 800 in the gym just with cardio. what kind of deificit can i leave? what safe? and the last thing is that can drinking fizzy sugar free juice such as Diet Irn bru or coke zero or even sugar free energy drinks effect weight loss. i was drinking sugar free energy drinks for about 3 weeks. about a 1L + a day . can this hinder weight loss or even cause gain? as i say i follow a low carb lifestyle and my blood sugar level is usually quite good but can even sweetners cause a imbalance in my blood sugar the same way sugar can ? and i heard coffee can do this to well caffiene
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    Sign up Ro myfitnesspal to help you with this it'll work out your calories. Sugar free drinks have something called aspartme in some of them which is supposed to slow weightloss - but cc is great for flexibility so don't go overboard on the restrictions!!
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    your bmr isnt what you should be eating.... you have to calculate bmr, then add on extra for your day to day activity level, then subtract for your weightloss. As mentioned, myfitnesspal will calculate this for you.

    You should eat your calories back but as you are on an awful lot it probably wont do any harm. You should be eating no less than 1200 per day net.

    diet drinks can cause stalls in excess. Too much of them can spike your insulin levels, which makes your blood sugar LOW. And also makes you hungry. This is called insulin resistance, and is basically the first step to diabetes. So it would be a VERY good idea to minimise how much of that you take. Coffee and tea isn't known to be seriously dangerous in moderation.
  5. the_gould

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    cool - i have joined MFP but i cant see the bit that will work out my calories - how do i get to it??

    i am not eating my BMR - my BMR is somthing like 2400 or 2500
    i am struggling to eat 1800 yesterday i just got to 1540 calories. this was my whole days eating minus my exercise - i could not account for the sets of reps i done on the weight machines but 1540 was what i ate yesterday - would this be ok and not too much deficit??

    thanks guys
  6. Squeezyweezy

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    Being healthy
    MFP should work out how many calories when you go through ths sign up process. It asks for your weight, height and sex. Thats when it works everything out. :)
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