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Me again


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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone can help me.

Ive been under a bit of stress, nervous, worry, upset, nonsleeping and now starting getting a bit paranoid that i have a weird thing in my house (thats another story), but can it effect you not losing weight or i thought it should be falling off me but isnt lol. I think i really need to speak to someone cos im always crying at night cos im thinking something is going to happen to me, but when i try to talk to my mum shes just says, you panic to much and laughs, i wont go on cos there loads, but could it effect it or not.

Many thanks in advance you lovely ppl :D
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I think stress and worry can prevent you from losing weight. If something if stopping you from sleeping, I definitely think you need to take a trip to the Doctor.

There are certain things you should avoid before going to bed to help you sleep - perhaps you could try that e.g. cheese and chocolate.

Hope that the Doctor can advise you better x
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I reckon lack of sleep could be hindering you. I'm sure you will feel a lot more positive if you have a chat to your Dr. Hope you feel better soon x


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I agree with the others. Do go and see your doc. He will help you. Lack of sleep can cause all sorts of problems and hindering weight loss is one of them.


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Jacqui, do please go and see your Dr, talk things over with him and I'm sure he will be able to help you.

Take care my love, thinking of you. X


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I agree with everyone else, a trip to your drs is the way forward.
Be truthful and don't be afraid he/she will laugh or say its all in your imagination, make a list if you have to..I used to take a shopping list when I was experiencing my difficulties (I won't go into it!) and my doctor was thankful as you write your feelings/worries down when they are fresh in your mind and dont forget anything.

Good luck lovely and you will get through this..



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S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
Thank you all so much, sleepless is due to youngest having aspergecs and like last night was up till 5 this morning and then i woke back up at 9 he slept till 11, basically my body does not rest even at night, he is on medication but he getting past it now, ill have to wait till his appointment with the paedietrian which is 23rd and i might have to give him more, i tend to feel drained all time, but trying to focus now better with self and get butt into gear and doing more exercise and going for ee, thanks again all luvs ya all, you all give good advice thanks again xx


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Gosh...you have a lot going on for you. AS is a difficult thing to cope with in itself...no wonder you're exhausted!


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Stress and worry can definately affect weight loss. In my case it affects the willpower and makes me want rubbish but even when Im being 'good' I dont have good losses.
I wake a lot in the night panicking about things. Ive found a form a meditation really helps me. Its mindful meditations from www.wildmind.org basically when i realise Im lying awake worrying about things I cant change I start to count my breaths. As you breath out count each one up to 10 and then start again at 1. So it would be

breath in
breath out 1
breath in
breath out 2
You dont have to slow your breathing or anything but over time it does slow and I usually fall asleep. I also use something called Night Essence by Jan de Vries which is a remedy to stop the mind blending and whirling. Theres a bach remedy that does similar I think its white chestnut.
Personally I wont take sleeping tablets because Im terrifed of sleeping through something I should be awake for so I tend to wake at the slightest thing and then find myself analysing silly things and worrying.

Most of the above is stuff Ive learnt though having ME but it may help you
I hope things improve
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Hi I have just had a look at there site. I am also a c**p sleeper I go to sleep ok but then wake up thinking about things
I have tried meditating before but usually my mind just wanders off but I'm going to give the breathing ago and I'm also going to print off some of the meditation info and try it again

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