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  1. RED

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    After going AWOL for a while...I am back...since i was last here I have put on weight...I have lost it...put it on again...and lost it again...and am about the same weight I was last time GRRRRR!!Anyway...the problem I seem to have is as soon as I get to 15st...I go off the rails and never get beyond it!!Last year October I got to 14st 11lbs...and the went back up to 15st 13lbsand have been up and down like a yo-yo since!!So here I am again ready to try again!! Hopefully I will get to goal this time!!Any advice and support would be most appreciated!!Needing a buddy too...of anyones interested!!
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  3. Bluepaws

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    Cambridge diet
    Hi Red (Love your name...that used to be my nickname in school and when I met my oh) I'm not on LL but CD...I know it's hard...I managed to reach 13st and gave in, started again..lost abit, gave in and back to 13's. Did that a couple of times. Now I'm doing the same but around 12st mark.. I neeeeeeeeed to get to 9 and a half or there abouts. It's so frustrating, but only have myself to blame...think my willpower has been washed away with this blinking rain! lol :)

    Just showing some support...we will get there!
    Good luck x
  4. Karen

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    welcome back and good luck red!

  5. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    Red! You're back and it's brilliant to see you :D
    Are you back SS'ing? Are you back in weekly group?
    Keep posting. We shall beat this 15st thing which is clearly a massive mental battle. I seemed to hang in the 14's for weeks and last week hit 13st 5. It was like some kind of miracle :D
    What can we do to help? What do you need?
  6. SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue!

    SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue! Full Member

    Lighter Life

    nice to see you are back and ready for action.

    I had this weight block on LL at around 11 stone (pre LL it was the 14st stubborn block!). I think it's because that was my wedding day weight and I felt and looked good. Sabotaged myself for the week but found hard to get back in the game.

    Yes are you SS or incorporating any meals?

    Just remember you have got this far under your own steam, and WILL make it past this stubborn target.

    Why not set youself a challenge or join Starlight July challenge and promise yourself you will get 7lbs off in the next 4 weeks. This will take you past that dreaded time, and we can all check in on you!

    Take Care

    Sam xx
  7. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Red it's great to have you back. Just grit those teeth and stick with it - you know that the diet works, you know that you can stick to the diet so you know that you can lose the weight.

    Go for it and aim to do one day at a time - just think that if you do stick to it this will be a part of your life that will be over this year ...... otherwise you're going to be doing it next year as well! That's one of the things that I tell myself.
  8. RED

    RED Full Member

    Thanks for the replies guys...Im officially back on ss as of tomorrow...cant say Im particularly motivated as I normally am..Feeling quite crap to be totally honest!!But Im still gonna try!!Wish me luck!!
  9. Isis

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    Hiya Red :D

    I'm back SSing again tommorow after a weekend break to go to the Dublin meeting. Doesn't matter that you're not feeling huge motivation at the mo as the fact is that you have decided to get back on track in the morning. That's total motivation and commitment I believe :)

    Here's to tommorow for both of us eh?

    Lacey xx :)
  10. SuzyA

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    Lighter Life
    My sticking point was 11 stone and it took 2 weeks to lose 3 pounds and then it started to come off again. At least on SS it is a lot quicker than WW when I got stuck there and then gave up. Just hang on for 3 weeks and you will see a difference!

    Suz x
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