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Me..again..im not even gonna both saying im going to do it this time blah blah, just going to try my best and go with it, im sick of being a failure and unhappy.

I was going to go swimming tomorrow with 2 friends and our babies but chickened out :cry:

So..ill post my god awlful weight in the morning and get going..hopefully..

hope everyone is well
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Hi Minime, just wanted to wish you good luck for starting your diet. It'll be hard but worth it in the end and healthy eating is a great diet option as you learn how to eat well without putting weight back on afterwards.

Thank you :) i forgot to weigh myself this morning so will do it tomorrow.
Good day so far, weetabix and ss milk, quorn and ceasar salad for lunch.

Hoping to get some trainers this evening then join my friends at boxercise class :)


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Good luck..You'll get there.. Have you tried mfp?? There are quite a few of us on there.. I'm going to start using it properly as 1st. July :D

If you join it I'm 1of4LittleSis.


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My Fitness Pal.. It works out your calorie allowance and how many cals you've burnt during exercise.


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You can also use it to track what you eat through the day.. There is an app to down load to some phones.

Don't beat yourself up too much. It's extremely easy to fall off plan - the hardest part is getting back on it, which you've done! And the quicker you get back on and into things, the quicker to your goal weight!
Thanks guyss..will check that out LittleSis.

Once again forgot to weigh myself this morning, swear i still have babybrain 7 months down the line haha.

Agreed to go spinning and zumba tonight with 2 friends..i may regret it :/ wish me luck lol

i did it :D 45mins spinning followed by 45mins Zumba..im knackered but feeling so good and so proud of myself. almost threw up spinning, and almost fell off my bike a few times lol but so worth :)
Ached like mad today but cant wait to do it again tomorrow..spinning and zumba that is :) was going to go swimming tonight but thought maybe a day of rest was needed :) weighed myself..201lbs..ive got til mid october to lose atleast 20lbs..as me and my sister are going to a twilight convention and id like to look decent for pics :)

feeling oh so motivated :D x
Hi guys, so not been 100% this weekend. My friend is moving tomorrow and we had a girly night Friday and she tempted me into pizza :( was lovely! but i felt so guilty afterwards, i know not to do that again.

Tomorrow is another week, hopefully get to go to more exercise classes, depends on hubbys work. I can do this! i have 16 weeks to lose atleast 20lbs..

Keep positive! You can get there .. :)


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With the exercise your doing you won't do any harm having a little tret now an again :)
Well missed zumba lastnight as me and my wee baby fell asleep on the sofa lol but off to boxercise for an hour tonight..nervous as ive never been but should be a good workout :) xx
Wow boxercise was hardcore! It was ran by two ptis (we're army, so hardcore army instructors) it was more like circuit, well how boxers train. About 6 different exercises, did one then moved on til you did them all, then the moves changed, did one then moved on til the end. Lasted 45mins then 15mins cool down and stretching..ouch..not sure if ill go again, i loved the exercise, really good workout but i didnt like they were blokes. One was quite ignorant..hoping if im not aching too much tomorrow..spinning then zumba :) xx
Didnt get to spinning lastnight as hubby wasnt home but got to zumba. Was so much fun, learnt all the moves bar one now :) Arms are aching this morning, think boxercise has caught up with me. Hubby on duty tomorrow night so cant make spinning & zumba, no class on Friday so may see if a friend wanna go swimming :) Food going well too, so pleased..will weigh myself tomorrow xx

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