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Me Again

Well after a good week last week ive had an indifferent one this week. Not been good as gold but I still think ive lost a lb or 2.

Ill take it though as we had brithday celebrations at the weekend and I went a bit mental.

Going to the gym helps the weight loss ive found. Also I have lost alot of weight off my belly and im finding the skin is less taught. does this go away after a while or am I stuck with it?
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Hi Dave
Glad to hear you're still trotting along - any poundage off is a positive thing.
As for loose skin, there are many factors which can affect how much you have and whether it's likely to stay or go. Skin DOES take time to shrink back in any event so just stick with what you're doing, drink plenty of water and give it time.
Unfortunately, there are NO exercises that tighten loose skin - only the underlying muscle.

Keep us posted on how you're doing :)
Nice stuff folks. Dont get me wrong its not hanging off me but now ive shifted 3 stone its starting to lose its tightness, and considering ive got another 6 stone to go I just wanted to know.

Do stomach crunches give the eprception of ski tightening even though its only actually the muscles that tighten?
Not sure about that one. Maybe - depending on the level of 'sagginess' to start with. I've heard it can take a year after reaching goal for the skin to draw back as far as it's going to so bear that in mind.

As for me ... when I lost 10st and almost reached goal in 2006 (darn those regains!!) I was blighted by saggy skin. In fact, there's only one word for how it looked ... Sharpei :rolleyes:

I never found out if any of it would have shrunk back because I did the 'clever' thing and filled it up with fat again. One solution I suppose - but not one I'd recommend.

Given the choice though, I'd rather be a sharpei than Buddha.
Hi dave, i went from 16st 8lbs to 13st 5 lbs and used the gym a bit, i didnt have any problems with loose skin, after a few weeks your muscle tone will improve and you should be ok, us men seem to be built differently than our female colleagues :D
Yeh sounds about right compared to what i have been reading. Still being in my early 20s (Mid 20s in just 5 days) and exercising regularly (squash 3 times a week) I hope I dont have too many probs.
When I was considering this diet I talked to my hubbie about this and said when I am get I could end up with a load of sagging skin on my tummy.

He said "Dont worry about that I will get a giant bull dog clip, and clip it round the back of you"

I luv him really.:love047:

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