Me again!!!!


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I dont know what to do I am on day 6 and still feeling like rubbish I cant stand to be touched and just feel very achy I knew it would be hard but thought I would be over the most of it by now.I am wondering if its because my diet was that bad before or I have had my 1st totm in ages and its very heavy which is really unusual. I just feel like its starting to have a negative effect on my life Im sitting here now wishing for 7 when the 2 youngest go to bed and have just shouted at 1 for trying to feed me a crisp:cry:
I always said that I would stick to it for 2 weeks so I gave it a fair go I just dont think I can carry on much longer like this
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Hi, I am also on day 6 but I am feeling ok. My diet was totally crap too before I started Lipotrim, but I did cut down on my carbs for a few days before starting. I have been feeling good all week, but today my energy levels have increased. I am also on TOTM, and it should have finished on Fri/Sat but I am still on now. Have a look for a thread called TOTM posted yesterday, apparantelly its lipotrim that can have an effect.
Are you drinking plenty of hot drinks, teas, peppermint teas etc? Try to have a little time for yourself, maybe go and pamper yourself in the bath if there is someone there to have the kids for you.
I am sure things will get better for you, I really do feel for you, as I am one of the lucky ones and not greatly affected.
Hopefully you will feel better soon. Hugs x


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hiya sorry to hear your feeling crappy i not to sure this is lt related purely because you mentioned feeling achy not heard of anyone with that sympton but i could be wrong you maybe starting with a cold or the dreaded flu thats going around when the little ones have gone to bed why not have a lovely bubblebath and an early night

I'm sure someone else may have other suggestions

keep strong

xx Sharron


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I agree with Fragglerock.....sounds like you might be coming down with something hun. Hot bath and a relaxing night are in order i think. Dont give in, you can do it, it really is worth it when you get weighed at the end of week one!
Good luck xxxx


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Losing weight is very emotional especially when our comfort foods are taken away from us, there is a period of adjustment some of it is painful like feeling out of sorts, tired and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But it does get better and you do feel so much better in yourself as time goes on.

The upside is that the skin becomes clear and soft and your energy levels do come up and the weight comes off quickly.

TFR affects the menstrual cycle as hormones levels fluctuate when there are changes in weight - particularly in women. The majority are not affected but for some they can experience increased activity and break through bleeding...once the weight loss is achieved and you stop losing weight the metabolic rate adjusts to the new weight and the hormone levels will settle down and find their own pattern again.

When is your weigh in?

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks everyone my 1st weigh-in is tomorrow will try an early night have a nice new comfy bed to sleep in tonight


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best of luck with your WI tomorrow Carebear!!

blue eyes

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Hope you have a really good loss! I nearly killed my family on day 6 whilst cooking them a sunday roast! The following day I was like an angel and felt great. Hopefully this will happen to you.XX