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Me and Dulcolax have had a Falling out !! Expect TMI

Hey all :D

I have had alot of 'toilet' problems since starting LT, problems as in I can wee perfectly, but the 'other' *cough*, is nearly impossible on my own, I have went on my own two or three times since starting LT, and it took about 1 hour and alot of pushing and pain :eek:

Anyhow, I decided that I would take Dulcolax once a week just to 'clear me out' :sign0131:

I have taken the Dulcolax four times now, the first and second time, worked as I had hoped, 8 hours or so, went to the loo and all was cleared :beam:

Last Friday I took two, nothing happened, at 4:30 am I was up with tummy pains and lets just say the pains didnt go till 6:30 am :confused:

This week I took two on Friday, and nothing, nothing yesterday morning, and as it was a beautiful day we decided to head to the beach, part of my day was pretty much ruined because of Dulcolax ! About 24 hours after I had taken them ! !

I swear I thought I was in labour !!

We had to stop at port a loos on the drive, which is something I hate as they arent the cleanest, but the pains, that was the worst, I had to go to the loo 4 times in the space of two hours, and really felt unwell !!

Dulcolax and me are finished, I think I will go back to Sennakot even though it didnt work last time !

I am sure you wanted to know all of that :giggle: Sorry !
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is loving the soup?!
Oh I am so sorry. I don't have tummy problems but did once have an intestinal parasite on holiday so I can relate to the pain, it's awful, and I'm sad you're going through that. Have you tried psyllium husks, I've been taking half a capsule (says to take two but it was too much for me) every day since I started, and I've been to the loo fine every morning. I phoned Lipotrim and they said they're fine, got them from Holland and Barrett xxx
I am on my day 4 and i didnt go to the toilet for 3 days now! I am really scared! I feel like give up lt coz it can be right!!?
Thank you !

Dont give up !!! Of course you have to expect a change, you are taking in any solids, and your intake is going to be much less than you would have been having !!!


is loving the soup?!
Yeah, I agree. No. 2 is food waste, if you aren't eating food, there won't be much waste! Definitely not a reason to stop LT!
Hi hun, sorry you have been having a bad time with this, am assuming you are taking lots of water, are you using the fibreclear to stop the build up?

I don't know what your pharmacist is like but I would discuss with them or give Lipotrim a ring just in case there is anything else you can do, I find black coffee helps for some reason x
I feel for you Laura as I know only too well what that pain is like, having been on LT for 16 weeks now!!! I too have given up with the dulcolax and have upped my intake of Fibreclear to 2 tsps in every shake which seems to have helped. I would probably go on average twice a week now and I take Senokot if it goes on longer than a week or so. Not one of the nicer sides of LT I have to say but worth it in the end!!! Hope you're feeling OK today hun. xx

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