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Me+Stress=ARGH!!! Temptation overload!


Slimming down the aisle
I'm having a seriously stresshead day today. I'm in my final year at uni so I'm doing my dissertation, which is to do with music festivals. So it means that I've got to arrange some interviews with music festivals. I've got the Glastonbury MD sorted, seeing him next Thurs. The Reading MD is being a right pain in the frickin arse though!!I started talking to them MONTHS ago! It was back in November, it took 4 or 5 more emails before they replied and said they've passed it on to the MD's PA who will call me to arrange a meeting. She still hasn't and that was Friday night.

At the moment I can't do anything else with it until I get those interviews done so I'm stressing 1. that I'm wasting time and 2. that Reading will pull out at the last minute and I've not got a back up, which is harder to organise than you might think, and there's not really a suitable replacement.

Anyway, to the point. Stress is making me want to eat. I'm not hungry, so I know it's comfort eating. There's that voice in my head going "A bar of chocolate would make you feel better" and "How about a biscuit or two, it won't hurt and you'll relax more". And a glass of wine! Though maybe not this early in the day! I know it's all rubbish and they wouldn't help, but doesn't make me not want them right now! I guess it shows where my weak spot is... stress.

If I can get through this cheat free, I can get through anything.
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Try and have a sit down and a rest for a few minutes. Do something that you enjoy which doesn't break your diet. Have a nice herbal tea and watch a trashy TV program or read a magazine. I find that if you take your mind off the thing you're stressing-out about for 20 mins or so it really really helps.


Slimming down the aisle
Thanks for the replies, you're right, I just need to distract myself and it'll pass. I think I'm going to go and see if the girls need the bathroom, if not I'm going to take a couple of magazines and have a bath. I ordered some bath stuff from Lush which arrived this morning. And then I just need to try and keep myself busy with things. I wanted to go into town but the snow has put me right off!
Sorry its so stressful at the momment. But I do admire that you don't leave it until the last minute to get your uni work done, that is when the most unimaginable stress occurs.
Fingers crossed that they are a bit behind with phone calls and business at Reading because of the snow issues, hope this works out well for you x


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caroline i feel your pain!!!
my dissertation is doing me in at the moment, and have a ton of other stuff to do as well...
on the festival front, how about getting in touch with people that run smaller festys?? went to blissfields last year, it was awesome!
On the eating front, just put it out of your mind! try splitting your packs, im having half a soup while writing up dissertation stuff, and have tetras in halves or thirds. Maybe get out of the house for a bit, away from the temptation, and clear your head a bit.


Slimming down the aisle
Well I just had a lovely bath, it really did the trick. Used one of my new bubble bombs and had a nice bubble bath with a cup of peppermint tea and was lovely and relaxed.

I find uni quite difficult at times with the motivating myself to do work as I get so tired. So this year I set myself the task of trying to be ahead on everything, that way it isn't so much pressure, and it won't get me stressed and therefore even less motivated and more tired! It's really working well doing it that way, I got a much better mark on my first assignment, though I'm not sure about the others, not had them back yet. I think it helps that I'm enjoying my dissertation, in a way anyway.

Aly I thought about the smaller festivals. The problem is that it's meant to be a case study comparison so they need to be fairly similar size. I'll give Reading til Friday and if no reply, I'll email again, still no reply by Monday and I'll try calling and looking at just using two smaller festivals instead.
The smaller ones are probably going to be easier and more accessible for contacting etc, defo worth a shot... or a comparison on a large vs a small? its prob same management wise, but scale is different.
I tried to be upfront too.. it didnt work! hence 10 days before its due in and im still putting it off!!

hmmm lush bath....


Slimming down the aisle
Thank you Irene, I wonder how I did it myself! Running off and locking myself in the bathroom certainly helped.

Aly - Yeah I was thinking could change it to a comparison between large and small. The annoying thing is, Reading have agreed, it's just trying to get hold of the PA to book an appointment! I might email today actually. My other thing is I'd love to work for Reading or Glastonbury, so by going to see them I can drop in how great I am and how they should give me a job!


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well done you,on letting it pass and not having that biscuit,i also admire you as uni and dieting cant be easy, keep it up:D

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