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  1. Gillybean

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    I'm 8 days into my first go at SS and am doing really well, now it's hubbys birthday today so we are going to frankie and bennies tonight for a meal, i'm obviously going to be good but not sure which would be best to have

    Chicken ceaser salad with no dressing or crayfish tail salad

    Sorry if that made you hungry,

    Which would be better, obviously i don't want to come out of ketosis
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  3. Sambucca

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    I think either meal would be fine Gilly. Make sure you dont eat the croutons in the caesar salad and ask for no salad dressing.

    Hope you have a lovely evening.
  4. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

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    Hiya Gilly

    I know I am really boring but my recommendation is that you stick with Sole Source.

    You have done so well getting through the first week which is the toughest part of the diet for many people. To go and eat and jeopardise ketosis could be a problem and could knock you from the diet wagon.

    Food will be there when you are slim and think of next year when you could be so much slimmer and then go out for a nice meal.

    I know some people do eat and get straight back on sole source but others really struggle and would hate for you to be the latter.

    Anyway I hope you make the right choice for you whichever way that is and good luck ;-)

  5. Gillybean

    Gillybean Full Member

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    I can't not go, it's my hubbys birthday and there are about 10 of us going, i'm not sitting there with my shake.

    I know that it's not going to make me want food, i have learnt that i don't need it so i'll be straight back on SS tomorrow
  6. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Wish I had a pound for everytime I've heard someone say that then regret eating after:(

    Hope you are one of the fortunate ones that doesn't let one meal out cause problems later on.

    Don't know the carb cals for B&Js. I can 'do' others though :D

    Crayfish salad (wetherspoons)- 247 cals, 8.6 carbs
    A caesar salad without dressing or croutons (McDonalds) - 304 calories 19.1g carbs
  7. nicola444

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    Hi Gilly,

    No idea regarding what to eat, but if it was me I would focus on only eating proteins, if it F&B you could probably get them to cook you a grilled steak or chicken breast with some vegs on the side - this is probably the best option. I am on day 8 of SS too and have when really hungry ate protein and it has not taken me out on ketosis and I am still losing weight so dont get too disheartened, just be clever about what you are planning to eat tonight. Perhaps call ahead to the restaurant and say that you are on a restricted diet, could the prepare - be specific and then tell them which party you are with, this is the best bet.

    Have a great time and I know you will be to SS tomorrow.
  8. nina

    nina Silver Member

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    I would heed the advice and warnings of icemoose and karion -- both seasoned *experts* and great 'losers' in the weight department! its very difficult to get into ssing once u nibble...and nibble...BUT some people have more power than others -- and if u r one of them -- ur lucky!

    I would say...if u do eat with ur group, have your shake b4 u leave the house (so u r somewhat full), drink ur water at the restaurant, and make sure ur meal is strictly protien (seafood is usually less calories as well) with NO hidden sugars/sauces...and u just might be able to breeze by the ketosis police!

    hehehe...have a great time with ur group...enjoy life and smile!
  9. leehal

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    If this is going to be a regular thing or maybe you will miss going out for meals, why not try Step 2 aka 790 plan ?
  10. Cute'n'Quirky

    Cute'n'Quirky Banned

    I agree with the CDC's on this one.

    I am on Day 28 and there is no way I would risk falling off the wagon for anyone's birthday - even if it was my own!!

    Not eating for one meal out isn't going to hurt you - you just have to grit your teeth and summon up your willpower to get through it.

    Never mind what anybody else thinks - this is your diet plan, not theirs.

    Losing weight is much more important to me than 'just one meal out'
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  11. Judy

    Judy Full Member

    I'm going to be boring and agree with mike 100% as thats what kicked me off the cd wagon
    I had started ss about a week b4 my daughters birthday i was in the happy zone (ketosis) i went out for a meal and that kicked me off the wagon. I have only just this week got back on 100% im on day 3 now, her birthday was 31st may. I tell everyone its just not worth it to think oh i will start again 2morrow as its so so hard. Obviously its ur choice but i would take a tetra and just think of all the nice meals u can enjoy slim xx
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  12. haywat

    haywat Full Member

    I did SS last year but only for 15 days. I went out with friends for the night & had a meal & alcohol & I just couldn't get back on track after that.
  13. fat_2_fabulous

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    nooooo put the chicken down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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