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Meal suggestions

Maybe you could all write here what you eat for your meal every day to give everyone else ideas??

These are the meals I've had so far....

Tuna, bit of Mayo with lots of Garden Salad

Grilled Chicken, lots of Garden Salad

Tonight I'm going to have Grilled Salmon with lots of Garden Salad.

The salad is getting a bit repetitive so I'm looking for a few more ideas.
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My favs are:-
Chicken omelette
Chicken and cheese wrapped in bacon with veggies and gravy
Bowl of Chilli
Prawn salad
Grilled cod and veg
shepherds pie with cauliflower as the topping
Bacon Sausage and egg
Chicken Bacon and cheese frittata

Hope that helps a bit xx


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thai curry (red or green) i make it with natural yogurt as its lower in fat and is yummy. have it with "rice" (cauliflower put in blender the microwaved for 10mins)



chilli- yummmy

Thank you, that's given me loads of ideas :) :)

I really didn't know Shepherd's Pie could be eaten!! I love that & we have loads of Mince in the freezer.
I'll ask my Dad how to cook Italian without Carbs. He's Italian which is why I used to live on all sorts of Pasta before. I'll get a few recipes when I see him next & add them on here.

Egg Salad is another meal I've had. 2 Egg's chopped up in a bed of Lettuce, light drizzling of Vinegarette, with baby Tomatoes scattered around.
Last night i got two beef mushrooms and removed the stems, added a little garlic and herb extra light cream cheese to the bottom, stuffed the rest with spinach and finished it off with some healthy living mozzarella, then just popped it in the oven for 10 mins and it was gorgeous! and very filling with just a small side salad :)
That sounds lovely Hollie. I will try that one :)
Im a little confused, I understand that I have to have protein for my healthy meal but when chesse and sausages etc.. are included, these are high in fat so how do we know how much is allowed to still have a good weight loss? Also how much can we have for snacks? is it 30g of protein or anything that has less than 10g carbs per 100g? (like cheese and hommus?)
Does anyone know what the average weight loss is per week?
Thanks x
30g of cheese is allowed, I remember reading that.

In the booklet it says you can have 130g of Meat. With Fish/Steak/Meat it should be around roughly the size & thickness of the palm of your hand.

The weight loss is different for everyone as different bodies take different times to burn fat.

Hope that helps :) :)
I'm eating way more meat than that - i've eating enough to make me full, which is sometimes a lot, but i figure its better than the massive pile of carbs i used to eat. my stomach listens to the i'm full signal from protien so i'm not really watching it right now

That said. if my weight loss slows too much i'll probably be a bit stricter

with cheese i do tend to measure the amount, but not always, especially if i'm not eating meat with it - i'm a lifelong dieter so really dont overdo cheese anyway.

its kinda hard not knowing exactly how much to eat, but if you can listen to your stomach, thats probably going to work
I have chicken breasts marinated in chinese spices, tomato puree and chopped onion, grilled and served with salad :) had it a few times, I leave it to marinate over night.REALLY yummy!

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