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Measure your fitness


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I just tried the exercise below. I managed 1 min 34 seconds.

Its a lot tougher then it looks.

Measure Fitness

Your EnduranceThe Plank is a great way to measure the endurance of your transversus abdominis, the deepest of the core muscles that wraps around your waist like a corset.
a) Lie face down on a mat with your arms bent at the elbows and your hands by your shoulders.
b) Push up until you are on your toes and hands, and then sink onto your elbows. Hold the position without moving, keeping as parallel with the floor as you can.
c) See how long you can last!

2-3 mins - Excellent
1-2 mins - Good
0-1 mins - Poor
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Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
ooo i like this yoga position its fab...will try this tonight when i get in and the monsters are in bed!


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Apparently after using the slendertone belt then it you will be able to do it for longer. Nic will probably be there hours later. My tummy started to shake after about 20 seconds...lol. I then concentrated on my breathing and managed to do over a min and a half. At least I'm in the good section. I'm gonna get the slendertone and use this as a guide.....see if I get better.


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This is a great exercise for Core strengthening - I coach Under 17's Rugby and I get the guys doing this all year round as it is soooo good for them - we have some of them who can do over 4 minutes now!! I struggle to get beyond 2 and a half!!


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Marky....you're just showing off now. 4 min's right....a challenge.
1st goal 2 mins
2nd goal to beat Marky...2.35mins
14 minutes ;-p x


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14 minutes??


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Dont believe him Marky...he does tend to tell porkies from time to time.
lol nah I gave in at 1 min 50 I was shaking like a shitting dog ha


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lol nah I gave in at 1 min 50 I was shaking like a shitting dog ha
LMAO....I started shake at about 20secs...LOL..my hubby appreciated that mate. Made us laugh.
Now that does conjour up an amusing picture - thanks that made me laugh out loud!!

Gaz - a quick question mate - been admiring your impressive results and really pleased with what I have done so far and feel that this thing is just the way I live at the moment - however when I started I had it in my head that I would do 8 weeks but I have a lot to shift as I started at 21 Stone!

However wondering if your intention was always to get to where you are or whether you have adjusted along the way and just kept going. I play front row at Rugby and really need to keep some "bulk" (muscle) to compete but maybe just kidding myself as a good excuse to stop at 15 Stone??
to be honest fella I never really had a true"goal" but the chemist said my BMI weight should be 11st 5.(im 5'7" and a bit) but I thought this was unrealistic to me, that is. Now I have decided 2 more weeks and thats it and then hopefully lose more on 3 weeks of refeed, but to be honest the closer you get to the end the more I want to come off it BUT the more I want keep going its really odd, proper daft! I genuinely think this LT gets harder the nearer the end you are? Stick at it and enjoy it the best you can, good luck!
That's how long you spend entertaining ladies isn't it??!!;):D
Glad you said ladie's, yep I reckon I could do 14 with foreplay in 14 minutes, im not proud its been a while lol xx
Gaz - cheers for that - I am 5ft 11 so they say 12' 7' for me but I have never been below 14 and a half in my adult life so can't see me going beyond that really - however at the moment feel like I need an end point in my head and can count down the days ......will see how it goes and where I am at the time and how I feel then! Cheers
you will know yourself mate, make it a good call


Likes to lose
S: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb
Oh God Shaz...that is a killer!!! I just did a minute and it killed!!
Deffo going to the gym tomorrow!


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Oh God Shaz...that is a killer!!! I just did a minute and it killed!!
Deffo going to the gym tomorrow!
I know, it looks so easy as well. I laughed my head off at Garrys comment. You do start to shake don't ya.

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