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Medicals? Fee's for no 2hr counselling!

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I have just had my 5th WI with a locum as our counsellor is on holiday, she has not mentioned once anything about the medical forms, should she have? ( I must admit i went to my doctors during last week to have a medical on my own bat!)

I was just reading a threat about a counsellor going away for 3 weeks, its not right. Our LLC was away this week but we only had a quick pop in with a locum, on the 17th we also have to pay 2 weeks coz there will be no meeting christmas week ( no counselling that week either) And again new year week we are only having a quick 10minute pop in. Surely our £66 is supposed to include the 2 hours counselling each week that we are missing out on.......Is this right? For those weeks surely the cost should be a little bit lower???
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Hi Hun
Yes I feel your right you should be getting more for your Money than your getting ! I did LL and left in week 9 as we had the locum 5 times out of 8 and we were only having a pop in with ALL the LL people 4-5 groups on the same day as each other.........I didnt feel this was good enough,£66 is alot of money and the main reason we go on LL is to receive the counselling!Thats why I did It,Im not saying leave LL far from it as it does work and is working for you BUT you must say something or maybe can you change groups?
Phone LL head office and ask is your counsellor allowed to do no counselling for 2 of the most importnat weeks to people who suffer from eating problems?Christmas is a hard time for us overeaters as its a stressful time as there is money probs family strife,loniness and ssometimes sad memories,extra food about parties and more drink,so if we have a food addictive then surely LL should be counselling as much if not more this time of year NOT less!!!


It sounds like the locum forgot to ask you for your medical. You could have just handed it to her, but I'm sure it won't make much difference if you give it to your Counsellor next week instead.

As for the holiday cover, I'd be looking for a bit more support than that. I think you should discuss it with her and tell her you feel that you will need more.

Shadow x


We had a locum one week, but she stayed for the whole session and she did the counselling too. Also We are having a session on the 27th december (wednesday which is our usual day) she has said it will be shorter but still at least we know the support is there. That will be our last session on foundation as our 100 days are up on Jan 6th but she has already told us dates and times for the development and management classes that week so she is on the ball.

It does seem sadly that the level of service does seem to vary depending on where you are....

Anyway I think the way it is here is pretty much how it SHOULD be so you can always phone head office and ask.



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Hello everyone :D

Just wanted to add a bit about medicals - You can get your bp taken at your local Llyods chemist - just ask them to take it, they'll give you a slip which you can attach to your page and hand that to your counsellor when you weigh in - may safe you a bit of time rather than going to the doctors :p