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Megan (onlyme) isnt is WEDNESDAY!!!!!!???


is a naughty girl...
thank you very much! yes it is wednesday and I am out with him tonight. I have just spoken to him on the phone, I am going to his first and then we are going out. I am all a bit nervous....hehe yes I am 15 again :D
youll be fine! he must really like you- meeting at his first ect... have you got your outfit ready? i would be going crazy about what i was going to wear if it was me! awww- keep us updated! xxx
what do you wear more often? jeans or dresses? wear what your comfy in... as in confident in?xxx


is a naughty girl...
I wear both! I think I will probably go with the jeans though as I am going to be sitting down all night :D I will let you know I get on, fingers crossed for a kiss ;)
oh yeah! well if not then go for it yourself, it doesnt always have to be the bloke who makes the move, let your hair down, enjoy your night and make sure you leave with a kiss if your eve goes to plan and you still like him, and yeah jeans are good for all occasions..xxx


is a naughty girl...
Jeans it is then! do I wear high heels? oh dear so many problems....I am not going for the kiss, that is a mans job! who knows though.

I have made it very obvious that I want one, infact I have an embarrassing story to tell you....

He was telling me about getting drunk last year and how he wore a female size 8 thong, I asked if there were any pictures etc and he said there were but I wasn't allowed to see them. So I asked if he would recreate it for me and he said he would have to ask the female if he could borrow her thong again....I followed it up with........yes still makes me blush thinking about it......drum roll....well you could just get into my pants hehe xx


is a naughty girl...
Shall I go in for the kiss?! shall I? how do I know he wants one? haha I am going to do it....or maybe I should just hold his hand when we sit down in the comedy club? :D see I told you I am 15 again. xx


Slimming down the aisle
Ahh bless! Who is he?! Tell!!

I'm stuck in 1890, I don't make a move!


is a naughty girl...
I use to know him really well my friend was going out with his friend however when they broke up I didnt really see him again and that was 3 years ago, plus I had a bf at the time. I also really liked him as a person and then the joys of facebook got us back in contact. So caroline this is my second date with him.

I think I might be talking myself into kissing him. we shall see....I will def let you all know tomorrow xx


Slimming down the aisle
Oooh excitumundo!! Hope it goes well!
Megan - loved your story, go for the kiss! Good luck tonight and deffo wear heels with the jeans, always makes me feel more 'dressed' and will look well sexy ;)
megan kiss him!!!! have a big old snog! ohhhhhhhhh!!! but dont let him in your pants! he he! only let him borrow a spare pair! lol!! goodluck hun xxxx


running strictly on fat!
Ohhhhhhh so xciting!!!!!!!!!

Jeans and high heels is a MUST - heels always make wonders for confidence. Don't stress over kiss - leave it to him. If (what's very unlikely) he won't do the first move give him "good bye" kiss - some guys play it cool (far too cool for my liking anyway!)
Have a fabulous time and keep us all updated hun xxxxx

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