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Mel's trying for size 12 diary


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Well the day has finally come, my last day before seriously trying to lose some weight, 2 and half stone of it. I did so well last year and got rid of one and half of it (think I did RC), but got bored of counting calories and its all gone back on again :cry:So now its SW all the way. I started SW a few months ago, joining a friend at her local class, as I didn't want to go on my tod. Only she stopped going after 2 week, so that went belly up. As my hubbys works maybe closing down in 6 months, we are trying to watch the pennies, so my gym membership is being cancelled, not that it has done any good, been going for 3 months and not lost a lb!!!:confused: and cant do SW classes either, so going it alone :wave_cry: Heres hoping I got the gist of it at the 2 classes I went to, hopefully someone will point out if i'm off course!
Heres to feeling better in myself, being able to bend without feeling like I can't breathe and getting ino a size 12 - eventually!


oh and must get a ticker....
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Day 1
got on the scales this morning and was pleasently suprised, I was bang on 12 stone, not 12.5 as I had expected, so only 2 stone to go! Wa hoo!

So far - poached egg on 2 toast smidgen of flora light 2 syns
Just doing a mexican rice - syn free
also had some grapes andstill have a nana and a yogurt here.

Beter get on with some work!


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I think I may need more for my lunches, I was starving by 3pm and ran out of food.

For tea I did a massive spag bol all free I think:flirt2: made with lean mince beef(browned and drained), onion, yellow pepper, garlic, italian spices, bovril centcentrate, oxo cube and tin of chopped tomatoes. All of it banged in slow cooker for when I got home. I was a bit runny, so maybe less liquid next time, but as it made 4 portions, it will do me a month! It was ok, but lacked something, shoved some chilli powder and some worchester sauce in at the end, but didn't fix it, not sure what else it needed? Hubby had an entire garlic bread to himself, it was my only weak moment all day. I didn't even bat an eyelid at work when the chocies came out, and said a polite 'no thank you' when the Gregs order was taken:D

Forgot this morning I had a tea with sugar 2 syns
I only used half my milk allowance today, so used half the cheese allowance on spag bol to make it up. Hope it works that way :confused:
As i've only had 4 syns all day, i'm sitting with a small glass of hard earnt Vino, 5 syns
total 9 syns.....so I can still have another small vino too!!!!!
Back to the gym tomorrow. May have to rejig my meal plan for this week as can't stop thinking about the smoked haddock gratin (i think) in the SW mag, it looked divine, and I don't realy do fish.
Hope it won't be to long until I can stop thinking of myself as the fat lass at work:D


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I've been thinking that I should set myself a target. I want to be 11 and half stone by the end of Jan. Thats 7lb in 4 weeks, hope I can do it!


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didn't get chance to post yesterday, but it was a good day!
With the exception of of darling little boy waking me up at 5.30 :eek:
breakfast was a pack of mixed red fruits, (not really keen on berries, not sure why I bought these?) with I crushed up weetabix 1/2 HEB(again I dont really like these?) and a cherry muller light on top, OMG, it was delish :D and so filling! plus tea with sugar 2 syns
then I headed for the gym, 10 minson the x trainer, 30 min uphill fast 'hike' on treadmill and a few weights/ sit ups. Lunch was some left over home made chicken jalfeizi (sp?) and rice, follwed by a banana.
Dinner was hunters chicken HEAmade with the syn free bbq sauce, sw roast potato type things and peas and carrots. It was divine!!!!!
As i'd had so little syns I had 2 glasses of wine 12 syns
so 14 syns, but only had 1/2 HEB
I'm just watching the news, not sure how everyone is snowed out but it completely missed us, not right!!! I want to take the little one sledging!!!

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