mental meltdown Aaarrrrggghhhh!!!

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    This plan really plays with your mind, I had to sit and watch my OH tuck into a fish butty, cake butty, big chocolate bar as well as a big calorie laden flap jack!!! I sat sulking like a scorned child!!!! Get a grip, i told my self, this is my choice to do this not his, why should he have to suffer just cos i am!! But thinking logically this morning, I am Not suffering, for once i am in controll, i didn't give in last night and i'm sure that is a better feeling than that if feeling guilty for giving in. But i have noticed that my mind sees food differently at the moment, its almost like i'm on cold turkey from alcohol or drugs.... mmmmmm cold turkey lol!!!!!!! Anyway... i have been cooking kids teas and want to lick the food or just chew it and spit it out lol!!! not that i have , but at times i feel like i,m going mad!!!! Why does food have such a big hold on us..... i see people eating and at times hate them for being able to eat.... aaarrrgggghhh this is madness...... but i know from last time doing the diet this period does not last too long, but does feel like hell while your going through it, Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me?:eek:
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    I think most of us have experienced this Mandy at one time or another BUT well done for sticking with it as it's not easy. Food will always be there and you're right, it's your choice to do this and a great way to think about things.:)

    Hope you feel a bit better for doing an "AAARRRRGGGHHH"!! It's needed sometimes ;):D:D xx
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    Its not easy ... you need to disapear for a little while if you are witnessing such food consumption. Make an excuse to go to the bathroom but stay away for 15/20 mins ... get distracted by doing something fun or even just folding the laundry. I find that pottering about in the kitchen or where ever while the family are eating keeps me out of the way. I join them but not for the entire meal.
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    Cooking for my kids has been the hardest bit. I have also wanted to lick the spoon lol

    We will be ok though. These VLCD are not easy, but it will be all worth it :)
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