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Hi! Every now and then i just want to make sure I'm on the right track. Is this ok for tomorrow (green day)

Breakfast- fruit salad with mullerlight, 28g oatiflakes+1 scan bran (he b)
Lunch- chickpea and bns soup; 34g RF hummus (3/5 he b) with grated carrot on 2 corn thins (2/5 he b)+2 scan bran (1 syn)
Dinner- tomato risotto with 1 quorn sausage and 30g reduced fat cheddar cheese (he a)
Snacks- milk in teas (remaining he a)
possibly a skinny costa hot chocolate (4.5 syns)

0% greek yogurt with berries and options stirred in (2 syns)

..I know i 'should' have more syns but cant think of where and dont want to eat for the heck of it. Thanks so much!
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Sounds great! I'm on day 6 and feel like its making a difference already after the excesses of xmas. May steal some of your ideas!


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You shouldn't really split your hex B s unless it is a recognised split eg one weetabix and scan bran. So you should have either corn thins or humous but not both unless you syn your corn thins xx