Message for Coolgal - water and lumpy shakes!


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Hiya coolgal,
welcome to Mini's

I have just read your posts about lumpy shakes and also another about the water - Irenes away for a while so I'll jump in and answer :D

first of all lumpy shakes - how are you making them? If you havnt got one I would def invest in a blender - does'n't have to be really expensive - I have a cheapy one from tesco - but it with all the ice I crush am on about the third one - so I'd reccommend you keep your receipt!!:p the shakes taste sooo much better when made in the blender - with crushed iced. It's all trial and error really, and soon you'll find the consistincy (sp) you like - thick thin or inbetween :)

I can't advise you on the soups coz i only ever have the 'sweet' flavours, hopef uly someone else will come along to advise you on that.

Water - tis very important that you have your 4 litres a day - 4 litres is a lot if you're not used to drinking much.. Start early in the day - i find it helps for me to set targets - for example - 'no shake till I've drank a litre of water' should hopefuly work out quite well as you're having 4 packs so inbetween the packs drink a litre - not gulping it down but steady throughout - remember the dvd when they say your body is like a water wheel? maybe aim for a 500ml botle every hour? Once you have bought the bottles you can just refill them with tap water...

After you're pop in if you are in ketosis you'll be able to have water flavourings - they're great if you have trouble drinking plain water... You should be able to have a taste of it, before you buy one - theres a citrus one and a blackcurranty type...

Hope that helps

let us know how you're geting on

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