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Hiya Russian

I just read your posts on the WEMITT forum, and I wanted to let you know Im in the same boat as you, Ive lost nearly 150 lbs, and now that Im only 35 lbs away from goal my weight loss has slowed down to 1-2lbs a week. Im seriously considering doing the AAM week (after I talk to my CDC on Wednesday), so I would be interested in your experience that you have this week (I too am scared about doing AAM after doing SS since January).

Just to let you know, you have been a huge help to me... especially the Psyllium Husk recommendation (I was the girlie who ended up in hospital with a constipation blockage a few months back, and your recommendation has seriously changed my life in that department, even have my family on it). So chin up, let me know how it all goes :D

Congratulations Leighann, on losing 150lbs.!!!

When you are at the start of your diet you will naturally burn off more calories and lose weight faster as it takes a lot to move a large body around, some people think their metabolic rate is lower because they are obese, but this is not the case.

Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories you need daily for your body to carry out basic involuntary functions, like breathing and cell-repair. Put simply, basal metabolic rate is an estimate of how many calories you would burn if you were to lie in bed asleep for 24 hours, with measurement beginning 12 hours after your last meal to ensure that your digestive system was inactive and not burning calories digesting food

As you lose weight and activity becomes easier, you will burn fewer calories and it will be necessary to eat less and/or become more active if you wish to maintain the same Daily Calorie Deficit or rate of weight loss.

I hope this helps.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Leighann
Firstly - a huuuuge congratulations on doing so fantastically on your diet and losing a phenomenal amount of weight :D

As for the AAM thing: I'll certainly keep you posted. You might have read that I had cottage cheese, some mixed green salad leaves and a celery stick last night. I had the same again today but had it at lunch time because I found it too much with my soup in the evening.

This means that I've got my soup for dinner ... and I still have my bar (which I couldn't manage at lunch time) as an evening 'treat'!! Cool!

Of course, I'm nervous about what this will do to the scales on Thursday but I'm trying to focus on what everyone has been saying about when THEY do AAM i.e it'll all work out fine.

When I first started crunching my way through that very first salad last night, it didn't awaken a sleeping 'demon' and cause me to rush into the kitchen like the cartoon Tasmanian Devil, devouring everything in my path in a wild frenzy .... on the contrary, I was quite full and it took some doing to have my soup.

Watch this space though ... I'll be TOTALLY honest about how it goes and how I feel during and after :)
Hiya Russian

I was wondering how the AAM was going?

Congrats on the Uni, I remember my first week, it has definately brought back some memories! Im sure you'll love it.

I talk to my CDC tomorrow about what I should do, it will be interesting to hear her views!

I'll let ya know.

So pleased AAM is working well for you debbie :D

You know I'm a huge advocate of them being part of the programme and really do believe I've learnt sooo much from doing them throughout the journey. Like you it didn't send me rushing to the kitchen either - was actually full up :)

Bet you'll be thrilled with the scales this week - it's always given my loss a nice boost. Finished my first week of maintenance on Monday which was AAM and lost 3lb - had to have a little chuckle 'cos it had taken me 2 full weeks to get rid of that much on my last weeks of SS ;)
Hi Leighann
I'm coming to the end of my AAM week and thought I'd let you know how it's been.

I've been pretty conservative on what I've been eating (as tends to be the case with me: I often stick with the same things over and over). I've only had low fat cottage cheese, green salad leaves and celery. It's been nice - very nice BUT I'm cr*pping myself about the weigh in on Thursday.

I know there's probably no logical reason to be dreading it but I just am. Mentally, I've already 'written off' this week and am expecting a gain or at the very least to stay the same. However, I'm trying to remain philosophical and will view a bad result as a 'necessary evil' in order to kick start my metabolism again and get the ball rolling again as from the following week.

I don't think I'll have a problem getting back into SS and then hopefully things will start moving more satisfactorily.