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Messed up today...


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You know the drill........drink plenty of water! ANd back on CD straight away. Look at why you did it, see if there is a trigger there that you can recognise and rectify x


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Oh no, you always seem soo good when I read your posts. Same advice as above, loads of water to flush it out and back on track as of NOW!

Its not the end of the world, but remember how crappy you are feeling now.


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I know exactly why, and I have fell into the same trap that I have fell in all my life. When things get tough, eat. :cry:

I have been an emotional wreck all day (HB Nan died early this morn) I just feel like filling my face - so ridiculous. :cry::cry::cry:

I'm on the water instead though. ;)

It's a vicious circle - I feel 100% more sh*te than I did before noww I've eaten. The usual guilt, feeling fat and pathetic, blah blah blah :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

I know people talk of emotional eating - which is me to a tea, but how do I control it when it strikes :confused:


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Hi Emma, sorry to hear about your loss :(

I think with emotional eating the first step is to not hate yourself so much for doing it.
You have had something to eat. It's only bad because you're on CD. Otherwise, it's not an especially bad meal.
If you make yourself feel terrible for doing it then you are creating a vicious cycle.
You're not a bad person for having cottage pie. If you focus on what you did that was good you'll stop beating yourself up and that might help.
Try thinking "I didn't think sod it and go and have a pudding as well" or "I didn't eat something really bad like pizza, at least I managed to control that"

Laura Croft

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For a lot of us, the normal reaction to anything has been to eat so it's an automatic response for us. That's where you are at now and just being on CD isn't going to change your thought processes, unfortunately ;)

I read Eating Less by Gillian whatever her name is (and not that pretend doctor) and it talked a lot about the addictive desire and the fact our brains are programmed to respond with thinking of food as a solution. Really remember it's okay to have those thoughts, try to accept them and not go into a self- will battle. You'll get there. :)


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Thank you - I know what you're saying is right.

I very nearly bought something I really shouldn't have from the shop - but didn't, which I am proud of myself for doing.

To be fair, it wasn't too much cottage pie that I ate. I'll just have to hop to it on the wii fitness coach tomorrow to burn the calories that I have eaten! I'm on the water now too.

It's not too often I get down, but when I do, I DO!

Just had a chat with my Mum and feel a tad bit better. Just needed to get things out!

Thanks for your sweet comments and advise girls.

BIg Hugs x x x


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Hey hun, I really wouldn't beat yourself up about it. You've had a really tough day, many people would have done the same, or worse! It's done now, just pick yourself up and carry on, you're not beat unless you give up, which you won't! So you lost this battle, but you can still win the war!! Just keep on with the water, make sure you have all your shakes, I'm sure you'll be fine. xxx


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Hi Emma, don't worry it's only a little blip and you have come so far already, you haven't had the best of days and now just draw a line under it. Well done for not buying something from the shop, that is the hardest part, if you ate then ate and ate then it would be much worse. Just get yourself talked to and say it's done, lets get on with CDing !

Big Hugs x


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Hey (((((Emma)
Just wanted to send you big hugs hon! I am so sorry to hear of your loss.... when times are hard its hard being on a diet... and this is the same for most of us thats why we are here.
Your doing so amazingly well hon so please dont beat yourself up we are only human ..
So chin up and hang in there and keep smiling lotsa love & hugs

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