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blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I think it does slow down but not sure how long the refeed takes. I did lipo for 10 weeks lost 3 stone, then had a holiday then several weeks for xmas, went back on lipo for 4 days and had lost a further 2lbs. Now back on restart day 6 and hoping to lose the rest!

What I was trying to say is that you have to be careful and listen to your body and not your eyes, I never finished a meal while on holiday, but when it was served thought that I would need a desert!

That is my main worry, to go through all this c... and put on the weight I've lost. I've got no intention of doing this but refeed does worry me.. Goodluck lets stick together.XX

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
:) Forgot to say lost 3lbs since monday when I went in for my weigh in, will adjust ticker on valentines challenge later after speaking to loulou.XX
Thanks Blueeyes, I will be going onto re-feed the last week in Feb as I am going to my Brothers Ruby Wedding party, so I will be good all week, with the exception of the Saturday night when I will have a few drinks.
I was just wondering when it would go back to normal, but I suppose once you start eating regularly again the metabolism should go back to normal.

Well done on what you have lost up to now and good luck for the re-feed.


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I was wondering how our metabolism is affected while on LT. I would imagine it slows down, but I am not sure.
Yes, it slows down. It will slow down on any weightloss diet. There will be two types of slowdown.

One is where it slows because you don't need as much energy to keep things going at a small size, and the other is when the metabolism adapts because you aren't putting in sufficient calories....saving it's fat for a famine.

This will happen regardless of what diet. The metabolism will reduce just a little bit more if you are doing a VLCD, but it stops reducing when it gets to a certain level. The calorie restriction of a VLCD is still under the lowest point of the metabolic 'burn', so you lose weight regardless.

If it does slow down, how long does it take to get back to a normal rate once you start re-feeding?
There is no one-size-fits all. The metabolism is very complex and affected by a number of hormones (mainly leptin ). So how quick it bounces back will depend on what your leptin levels are like. Helpful eh :D

Your leptin levels (which are made mainly by your fat cells) will depend on many factors. Women have higher levels of leptin which means their metabolisms reduce quickly, but take longer to restore on eating maintenance calories (sucks!).

It will also depend on how overweight you are (will restore quicker the more fat you have), how long you've been overweight (because of your weight set point), etc etc.

So...how long for you?

No idea :D
Well thank you for the in-depth explanation.
Lets just hope it speeds up quickly when I do start re-feed.
Mmm wondering now if certain food would help speed it up a little.

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