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when will it go away?x


Trying to stay healthy!
hi smurf, definitely ketosis i reckon, i've had it since day 3, i just keep trying to wash it away with loads of water.


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thankyou. its awful, its like ive a a penny in my mouth!!! :(
hey guys! that horrible taste which also gives you bad breath is definatly ketosis, apparenty so my counseller told me its something to do with the ketosis breaking down acetone which is descreated through your breath & urine.. i dont think it goes away during the whole process if you plan to stay in ketosis to lose the weight... google ketosis & you will find web pages explaining this .... its yuck but part of the process im afraid x


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thankyou very much dizzy154. how are you doing today?x
Yea i ave honking breath and a strange taste in my mouth too, i also have a disgusting white coating all over my tongue:eek:! I keep brushing my tongue but it just comes back withen half an hour!
when will it go away?x
Famous last words! It is horrible isn't it????
Surely someone out there knows of something we can use to mask the taste.
Or is it only water and brushing our teeth.?
Is there no sweetie or gum we can have? :innocent0001:
hi smurf im fine today.. peeing for england! lol. im on 1 week today.. so pleased with myself & 2 days on ss only! i had a top delieverd from littlewoods today one size too small so hoping it will give me more incentive... cant wait to fit in it! xxx how are you? x


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God I had that metal taste for weeks!!! And everytime I swallowed it felt like I had shards of metal in my throat!!!!

Now I mostly taste salt in my mouth. Especially if I cough! Weird hey!?!?
i dont think there is just constant brushing of teeth!! x
im ok ta dizzy154, i spend most of my time and day in the toilet peeing to...have you been up to much? how are u soontobelittlegem?x
hope its good news! ive just made t and had 2 get out quick!!.xx
thanks angel im going to get some in the morning because i cant stand this!.xx
im off 2 boots in the morning cant stand it any longer!.xx

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