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Metallic mouth

Am just finishing day 6 and have had smelly breath since about day 3 but in the last 3 hours have developed a really, really strong metallic taste in my mouth (thought my fillings had dropped out at first lol), is this a sign of ketosis and does anyone know if it lasts all the time or if anything can be used to alleviate it?

Thanks Caroline
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It certainly is hun....

As with most things on LT.... more water!!! Oh and you can use the breath strips.... think sosme people use tongue scrapers!!! x
I find mouthwash really helps, but not just any one, it has to be a certain type that doesn't contain carbs (believe it or not some do). I think the mouthwash can be ordered by your pharmacist from lipotrim.

I have also tried a tongue scraper and several tooth brushings per day, but the mouth wash gave me the longest lasting effects.

It's all about getting into the zone (mentally), and the routine of shakes (physically) then just being patient as the weight melts away.

The longer you're on Lipotrim TFR the more stronger your will power becomes, and you'll find you have hiddden strengths you never knew you had.

Good luck on your journey.
Thanks kolacube, i ve got the listerine original mouthwash- it's vile but at least it removes the smell lol, also become a bit addicted to brushing my teeth (so my OH tells me :) ) I'm strangely finding that cooking/ baking for other people is proving to be a fantastic distraction (not sure how as 2 weeks ago I could have made anything without 'tasting' or rather eating most of it!)

Good luck x
having the same problem at the minute, that being said, i'm that hungry i could possibly eat a spoon? haha
hahahaaahahahah tongue scrapers...hahahaahhaa...oh why do i find that funny....I certainly need a tongue scraper right now! hahahahaaahah
erm...i thought you was making a little joke when you said tongue scrapers....i did not know they were a real item that you can buy!. I have never heard of them before!, i thought it was your sens of humor!, but it did make me laugh. i have since read lots of posts on here and many of you mention them!...i must buy one and indulge!
silly me!!!

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