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Metallic taste


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This will be the ketosis. I used to get the same thing on low carb, just drink plenty of water and it will pass!


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It's so revolting. Can we have mints or mouthwash or anything?


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Think mouth wash is allowed but not the mints.....I use the listerine strips and if really desperate chew sugar free gum, but that can cause some people to get hungry. Also sugar free breath spray is a life saver. have it in my handbag constantly:eek:


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Oh actually that's a good idea. I have my toothbrush with me! If I get caught cleaning my teeth in the work toilets though they will definitely think I'm a freakoid...


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I use a fresh breath spray - don't seem to need it as much now though, but it does make your mouth nice and fresh. I went from metallic taste to feeling like having a hairy tongue which was brilliant described by someone as carpet tongue (after licking the carpet - yuk!). That too has passed - I just drank even more water. If weird things are happening I assume that the diet is doing its work!
If it helps i have that taste right now, i use goldspot mouthspray but the fresh taste only last for about 10mins, however if i keep drinking then i dont notice the metal taste as much


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Goldspot mouth spray will help with that! It's small enough to keep on your desk/in a pocket etc so you can just squirt and go!!
I carry travel size mouthwash with me everywhere! It helps.
Hi Guru,
I know what you mean about the taste in your mouth....first thing in the morning is worst...I quite often wake up with the dog sniffing my mouth (gross I know)! Just wanted to say my CDC said it is fine to have the occassional sugarfree mint...they will not affect ketosis or weight loss as long as you don't eat the whole pack...I usually have about 5 or 6 a day. S/F mints are far better than gum as gum just makes you hungry because chewing prepares your stomach for food. This will also help with the constipation problem as S/F mints contain mild laxative effect. Make sure the mints you choose don't contain any citric acid.

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