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Metformin and Cambridge???


hoping for a good loss
Scooterchick was on Metformin for her PSOC and was SS ing

She is now pregnant so has left ehre for a few months
i was on metfmin for a year before starting cambridge, then had a load of surgery and stopped taking everything. (the fertility issue is one big issue for me and i keep hearing about all these people that have such great sucsess) i will talk to my cdc then and see what she thinks, my dr knows im on cambridge and didnt think it would be a huge problem.


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I was on metformin while ss'g and fell pregnant, came of it when i was 12weeks & back on it now.
Aw see this is what keeps me going! Were you trying for a baby before you lost weight? Also did you just take your metformin with a meal or after? I always had problems about getting the food right and when I took it ..... Awe this fills me with hope. We were trying for a year with no luck and was told by one consultant I have very little chance of ever getting pregnant then by a different one I could I just will have problems.


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I have pcos too and had to have tx with my 1st daughter, I dont ov or have periods every month..
We tried tx again for #2 but nothing happened so i thought i would loose some weight and enjoy life so done the CD for 19 weeks and fell pregnant but sadly it wasnt meant to be... so back on cd and 5 weeks later it happened again.

There are quite a few ladies on here who have had Cambridge babies xx
both my children were cd babies lol. first time round i was on metformin. i think the combination of metformin and cd (loosing weight) is the winning combo. when you have pcos then the thinner you are the less pcos affects your fertility as your body doesn't have to work as hard doing the insulin thing.

i was diagnosed with insulin resistance hense the metformin. i always took it with food. it did upset my tummy for quite a while though. i remember the weight start to fall off when taking metformin even without a diet.

it won;t mess with your blood sugar levels as your body will still self regulate to some extent. cd helps metformin work. you might find that you don't need metformin the lower you go.

last time round on cd i didn't take metformin and when i got to goal i just got pregnant.... think it's the having a 'normal' bmi for me.


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My dr wants me to go back on the metformin for my pcos but is this possible on ss? Advise please!!
You can do all the programmes on Cambridge if you are on metformin, however, you do need to get a drs signature and he does have to monitor you throughout.
I was telling my hubby to be about everyones sucsess with cd and getting pregnant he was so pleased! You have compleatly made our year everyone!
hmm well if the 14 tests we just did (after a frantic calculation and realizing i was pretty late) and the dr says the same thing then looks like i will need to give up cd tomorrow

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