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midnight/morning sickness question TMi maybe!

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Morning all, full of posts today!

background info:
Last tuesday i had a really dodgy tummy couldnt go to work- weds i went to work to be told i had to go home cos i had all signs of swine flu weds afternoon got diagnosed with swine flu and by friday all symptoms were gone except my really bad tummy-
it is now wednesday 1 week later and im feeling rough

Sometimes i get it in the middle of the night- shakey sicky and physically sick but of course only bile comes out

Usually it comes in morning- every morning i find it almost impossible to eat my porridge so have been going for a tetra which takes me a good hour to drink- come mid day though im always fine

Do you think this is related to swine flu or has anyone else had morning sickness with CD?

One night i felt particularly rotten and googled my symptoms and came up possibley low blood sugar- which would make sense with it being middle of night or morning where i havent eaten for a considerable amount of time?
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Sorry to ask the obvious - but could you be pregnant?

Why not give your cdc a ring? You may have some sort of excess acid problem in your stomach which makes you sick? Are you srinking loads before you go to bed - sometimes that makes me feel sick.
What time do you have your last pack? If it is low blood sugar why not try splitting it and having half before you go to sleep?
S: 18st11lb C: 12st11lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 6st0lb(31.94%)
yeh thats a good idea, i usually have my last pack about 6- so i guess it is a far amount of time! May try splitting a bar at night bit at 6 bit at 8/9

CDC coming over tonight so will chat to her about it then-

I do hope I am not pregnant!! It would be almost impossible since I am on the pill and since my last period have only had sex once (due to flu).

I usually do drink a lot of water but since feeling dodgy have only stomached the minimum 2l- wwhich i know is not good i just cant handle anymore!

Thanks for help and advice :) x
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so strange you posted this today, this morning for the first time ive felt extremely sick i was fighting to keep it down, my tummys really crampy too and i felt a bit light headed. im defo not pregnant hopefully it wont carry on think i will have to go to 810 or ss + if it does to see if that helps i hate feeling off


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I also get low blood sugar with 100% and have had the odd funny turn, generally if I leave it too long between meals. My counsellor recommends that if I have a persistent illness and it is not going away go up to SS+ or 810 until well and then drop back down when suitable, I think this is quite sensible advice.


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S: 16st4lb C: 15st5lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st13lb(5.7%)
PS... in addition to above, SS+ in particular seems to have no effect on the weight lost. I lose as much on SS+ as on SS, and sometimes more.


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Just wanted to say...I quite often have days where I feel dizzy, weak, tired and sick on SS...and I have figured out when I feel like this it usually lasts a couple of days. I know for a fact that on the days I feel like this that the previous day..I have not drunk enough water. I always make doubly sure everyday that I consume at least 4 litres to prevent me feeling like that....as it makes you feel pretty rubbish....and hungry! I know it says to drink 2 1/4 litres...but I think personally it depends on the person how much water they need and I feel 2 1/4 litres is not always enough to make you feel good.
Just a suggestion...but I would try drinking more water and see how this makes you feel over the next day or two.
Hope you are feeling better soon.


please try again
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my first thought was is she pregnant

i have reflux and often vomit up bile and i know for me it gets worse on cambridge. im on omeprazole tablets from my gp to reduce the amount of acid i produce

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