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Mikado's etc...Surely too good to be true??


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I bought a pack of Walkers baked cheese and onion crisps at lunch .... put them in my point calculator on WW online, and it's come out at 0! 149 cals per bag, 0.4 sat fat...... is this right??? seems way too good!! lol

Also, Mikado's - calculated it on the packet, comes up as 0 points for 1 stick and 2 points for the whole pack! (im sure i've done that wrong, but if not, WOW!!!)
11 CAL, 0.3 sat fat per stick.... (2.3g) and 475 cal, 12.1 sat fat per pack (100g) which works out at 2 points over 18 sticks... and a packs only 39g.... (OK , edit, discovered through WW site that box is 4 points, but still!! :O) )

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crisps are 2 i think :) and confused by the mikado thingys :p but i get them to 5 points going by 50g so im guessing they will be 4.5 hun xxx


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The WW site said that the box of Mikado's is 4.. so thts about right..
And i put the crisps in the calc thing at 37.5g bag.. and it came out 0.... I would normally expect 2 for crisps... will prob point them at 2 just to be safe :)


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The crisps ARE 2points, think calculator may be wrong tbh!


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Thanks guys, I did Mikados at 4.5 for safety, and the crisps at 2... I still came away with about 4 points left at end of day! woo :)
was temped by mikados today but had 5 ww cakes instead lol ( snacks gone for the day) oh my im such a porker :S xx

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