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Mike didn't want to put this on the main board, so I'm doing it so that you all know to listen in tonight!!

It's at 8:20pm and he's talking about CD!!!!

You can listen at SKFM | South Kilburn FM
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Good on ya Izzy!! ;) (Mike's too modest by far!)
Nice one, lets hope I get brat in bed before hand!!!!
Icemoose on the Radio!!!


I am looking forward!

Thanks Isobel...

Love Mini xxx
I love you just the way you are.......
LMAO! Just on hold now..................
Brilliant interview Mike, thanks, you are a real inspiration to everyone.
By the way, Hummous got me where I am today!
Thanks Mike, and best wishes,
Pam xx
Well done Mike, What an inspiration x
Phew!! Did you hear my mobile ringing!!! I threw it across the room!! LMAO!!
Well done Mike!!!

That was very good, you came across excellent!!!

Love Mini xxxx
I think I heard something, but it did not take away from the interview!

She was very good and I liked her relaxed style as she put you at ease.

Love Mini xxx
hehe I was having a really hard day and apprecaited that interview - it made me feel so much better :D You're great