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milk and ss!!!



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On 790 your allowed 1/2 pint of skimmed milk.

Their is the possiblity it could take you out of ketosis and make SSing more difficult to do.

It is extra calories and will/most lightly slow down your weight loss a little.
Sorry to sound like an idiot......so does that mean when you are on 790 you get out of ketosis????:eek:
790 and SS are both ketotic diets i.e. you should be in a mild state of benign ketosis.

The reason on SS you don't milk is because at the end of the day it is calories and calories slow down weight loss.



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As Mini and icemoose say, but you know, SS is a diet in the simplest of forms. Just add water;) There is nothing you can accidently add to make the calories too high.

It's so easy to underestimate milk. Even skimmed can turn into semi-skimmed when the shop has run out of skimmed. A dash of milk in a coffee can turn into a very milky drink.

Keep it simple....Just add water and you wont go wrong:)


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Some people can be sensitive to the extra carbs and slip out of ketosis.

On 790 plan your eating so it does not seem to matter as much as when your SSing as your looking forward to your meal anyway.

Whilst SSing if you come out of ketosis and the hunger gets the better of you it is difficult to remain calm and make good decisions as to what to eat as you have not planned for the sudden all consuming hunger when it happens.

It is a bit of trial and error.

I have done SSing with skimmed milk in tea and weeks without and and there is the difference of a few pounds over the month.

Those who stick with the rules seem to do the best overall.

I am doing 790 now as I could not get back to SSing without falling off the wagon.
Thanks for all the help guys.....no more milk in my coffee from now on...promise. Dont even really know wen i slipped cos wen i started this diet i was very determined and i suppose you get to the point where you think you can cheat a little. Just goes to show....you are only cheating yourself in the end.

So no more cheating!!!:D:D:D


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I can't bear to miss out on my coffee fix and really can't stomach it black; I have 1/2 a pack whizzed up and then stirred into a large mug of black coffee.....always tastes like a Starbucks!

Sometimes I chance a white coffee, always with skimmed milk and never more than 2 a day. I've never come out of the pink and have always been happy with my losses but of course it may have been a greater loss if I'd stuck to it 100%
I have to say I hated black coffee before I did the diet but now even after finishing the diet I still drink black and as long as it is decent coffee then I like it!

I had been drinking Tesco Gold Blend coffee which was fine with milk in it but oh boy it was ghastly black.

Was out at a friend's house and her coffee was gorgeous and it turned out to be Kenco in the red jar - now that is very nice black.

I guess it is just trial and error as to the best coffee black - could end up being an expensive experiment, though.

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