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Milk, braed etc...


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How do you cope when you first start? I love my cups of tea, Tetley :) and bread, always have wholemeal, so am just wondering??? :confused: As you can see I am a bit 'scared' at the moment, just trying to find out as much as i can before my books arrive. :sigh: Also pasta??? I love my wholemeal pasta??
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It's hard, but you have to learn to eat loads of meat Chala. Most carbs are fillers love, replace them with meats and cheeses. Also read the MIM threads. :)


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You just have to get through it. Apologies if that sounds unhelpful! There's no magic to it (sadly :) ) you just have to be determined and it WILL get easier. Once you get 2-3 weeks in it becomes habit and the whole thing gets much easier.

That said, I still have tea with milk...just count 1g carbs for every 20ml of milk you use. As for bread I use Joseph's Pitas (4g carbs each) available from lowcarbmegastore.co.uk.

I used the milk from day one and the pitas from week 4.

As for pasta, maybe try one of the low carb ones from lowcarbmegastore? I've never used any to be honest and as a fellow pasta lover I doubt they can live up to proper pasta. Soon your mindset will change though and you'll break things down. For example pasta = mainly flour which does nothing for us. It is junk!

There will be hard times (I had one last night, see the what are we eating today? thread!) but 90% of the time after the third week it's going to be easy.


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Dreamfields pasta is actually really really delicious, but serving sizes are deceptive and it's 5g carbs for a tiny side portion. In the past when I've dine Atkins I've bought too many replacements - low carb bread, chocs, pasta & etc and it has always been my downfall because I eat too much of it and while this stuff may be low carb compared to the real thing, it still all adds up. Nowadays I mostly limit myself to 1 Atkins bar per week, and that's the plan for a while.

My advice on getting started would be not to buy any 'replacement' products - except maybe 1 Atkins bar to have a little bit of every day if you think a little choccy bite will help - for at least the first 2 - 3 weeks. After that try and restrict yourself to one thing per week, then you'll be able to tell if it stalls your loss.

When you cut your carbs you go into something called ketosis which is essentially the body's starvation mode. Funnily enough people who are actually starving don't feel hunger. Cutting out carbs tricks the body into giving us the same effect.

That's not to say you won't be hungry. The first three days as your body let's go of it's carb stores you may well be ravenous, and you'll have hungry days even far into the diet. The good thing is, when you're hungry, eat. Have some cheese, or ham slices. Any high protein low carb food will help fill you up, whereas eating carbs would just make you crave more.

Have your tea as usual, but use sweeteners like candarel, not sugar. Ideally you would use cream in it, but if you use milk just add it to your carb count. Look at the section on mims, which are a good bread substitute and have a lot of fibre in which is much needed on this diet.

You will be fine xx


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S: 17st10lb C: 16st4.0lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 1st6lb(8.06%)
Awww thanks everyone! You have all put my mind at rest :) Thanks so much xx