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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by pizzle84, 31 December 2009.

  1. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    So each day i measure out 350ml of skimmed milk, sometimes its not enough but sometimes its too much. Yesterday i hardly used any milk so i used the last of it this morning for my porridge. So do i count it as yesterdays hexa or do i have to top it up to 350ml and count it as todays hexa?!?!? hope that makes sense! :confused:
  2. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Well-Known Member

    I would start a fresh today hun.
  3. soccermom

    soccermom I AM A WEMITT x

    I would also start again, it can get very confusing carrying things over :confused:

    Sometimes I use so little milk in a day I syn it, just so can have some cheese :D luckily though I only drink black coffee so I don't need it for drinks just a 100ml for my weetabix or porridge.
  4. jaylou

    jaylou Well-Known Member

    Yep, I agree with SJ - you shouldn't really carry it over but if you don't make a habit of it then I wouldn't worry too much.
    Just try to get your full HEX allowance each day, even if you use the last bit to make a creamy hot chocolate!
  5. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    ok cheers guys :)

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