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Milk Week next week for me...


has started again!!
I have decided that in my milk week I am not going to go the full 1000cals a day, as I really dont want to. I do undertstand the NICE advice etc, but I know of many people who have done LL pre -milk week, and been totally fine.

However, I am going to allow myself a couple of HUGE Cafe Nero skinny lattes as a treat, and I am soooo looking forward to those!!

What have the rest of you done? Toed the party line, or been a rebellious child like me??:confused::confused:
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This is my milk week and I along with everyone else in my group have decided that we are going to stay in abstinence because the temptation of not having milk and substituting a meal or the thought of being hungry is not appealing. None of us want to be knocked out of ketosis at all or even partially. We all have a long way to go and have come a long way and are scared of knock backs. Some of them I must admit have had a meal or drink on occasion and they said to have something for a whole week would be too difficult.

I have nine weeks until I eat normal food for three weeks and then back into abstinence and I think I can hold out until then.
When does this 'milk week' happen then? I'm a couple of weeks away from the end of foundation now and I haven't heard anything about it...


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I'm in week 18 and haven't been told to go on to milk at all. The ony reaso I know about it is through Minimins. This is very odd!


has started again!!
I'm in week 18 and haven't been told to go on to milk at all. The ony reaso I know about it is through Minimins. This is very odd!

Our LLC told us all about it last week. LL have printed leaflets which we were all given, detailing how they recommend we go about inroducing the extra calories.

Like everyone on this thread, my one concern is putting myself out of ketosis. When asked, my LLC , could not give a categoric answer as to whether this will or will not happen. Thus my personal decision not to add milk to my soups and shakes. I do fancy trying the latte tho, as I have missed them a lot and they were only ever an occasional treat for me (too expensive!!). Mind you, I might decide not to do it all!!

Do ask your LLCs for the leaflet tho, as I think its important that we are all fully informed on a diet so drastic as this.

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Hi Sez I'm not going to do the milk week, I feel that the diet is difficult enough without the addition of milk.
I want to lose the maximum weight each week that I can, I don't know how long I can keep up abstinence after the 100 days.
Thats how I feel, I'm sure others have probably still lost on their milk weeks, but I don't want to even try it.


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Do ask your LLCs for the leaflet tho, as I think its important that we are all fully informed on a diet so drastic as this.
Hmmmm. The way I see it is that if it were that important we would have been given the leaflet. If I wasn't on Minimins how would I know to ask for the leaflet? Am I naughty?

Also - I have no intention of doing it anyway - my GP is happy and I have about 12 weeks left to go and also - I've said this before, LL should be paying for any addiional nutrition we need at £66 a week!
The whole thing appears to have been handled very badly by LL in my opinion. Looking at the posts alone on this board, we've all been given really inconsistent information.
I checked with my GP who reckons that NICE have to put out a recommendation around VLCD's but dismissed the milk thing totally.
My LLC advised us that if you are in the programme already, the milk rule doesn't apply and only applies to new starters, who've started *after* the NICE paper was released.
So who knows really.
I will not be doing the milk week. Neither LL, or NICE or my own GP have had a consistent thought amongst them so I'm listening to my own body instead!
I'm in the last week of Foundation and my LLC never said a word (at least to my knowledge) in the group about the milk week :confused:
So is it just a week of adding in milk, then you go back to SS? Kinda like Add a meal on CD? How often do you have to do that then?
Hi Dom- you can make the shakes up with milk instead of water, add milk to your tea/coffee (but if you have weaned yourself off milk in your drinks I think this is a bad idea) or just drink some.

Just reminded me of 'milk time' when I was a little girl at school- anyway, I didn't do it and have lived to tell the tale!


has started again!!
Isnt it odd how we all seem to have similar ideas? I am very interested in Tiger Girls comment that her LLC said it only applies to new members!! My LLC recommended that we follow the rules re milk in our 13 th week, but then went on to say that the NICE report was flawed as the survey was nowhere near comprehensive enough!!

I am still very tempted to a skinny latte, but I am also getting more concerned that it might be the beginning of a downward (or should that be upward!) spiral for me, as I am really dealing with demons right now!

curiouser & curiouser........


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I ignored my milk week too for the same reasons as everyone else. I only found out about it at the meeting for that week. It seems at my group at least that it came in about 6 weeks ago but rather than panic people they only tell people at the start of week 13 so you don't have time to think about it.

Apparently all the new starters are being informed at the outset.


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