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Milk Week

Ooh, literally just realised that I had my 12 week weigh in on Monday night. Now, shouldn't I be having a milk week? I wasn't told anything about it though at LL when I weighed in, or reminded that I should be doing this.

What is it about and is it totally necessary? (I know it's NICE guidelines, but did you all do it?). Also, what did this do to your weight loss if you did do it?
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i put milk week off as it would have been over christmas and didnt want to risk lapsing. i then decided that i wouldnt do it anyway (didnt want to stop loosing) but my llc convinced me that actually it is a good idea, my lighterlife journey is about learning to treat my body better and doing a milk week is part of that. i did however put on .5lb but am expecting a good loss this week
i think its up to the individual really but it was a week of no light headedness which was nice
Thanks V! What exactly should milk week entail??
I've not been told anything about a "milk week" either Poppy (same as you, just had week 12 WI) though I dunno if men are supposed to have to do it anyway.....hmmmmmmmm.......................

Research time! :D
Oooh just remembered from reading Anna's blog, in milk week you drink 1.5 litres of milk by mixing your shakes with milk and maybe having a cup of milk each day as well.

EDIT: Our Anna is "Google" famous lol
google "Lighter life milk week" and her blog is not only the number 1 hit, but also number 2 as well!
Yay, Scientific Pete will find the answers for me! Just thought, am I lazy that I'm not researching and waiting for your answer instead?? ;-)
Goodness, that was quick, I was typing my reply and there was an answer!!

I don't think I could mix my milkshakes with milk - I really do find them rich already. I have them all hot and whizz them up so they are all fluffy. Can I drink a latte maybe. As I type that I so know that I'm not going to do it anyway!!! Can't bear to lose less next week!
Lazy?? Nah.

Just think of it as "Effectively managing other's skills for the benefit of Teamwork"

Read that on a Team-building exercise website somewhere in the past LOL :D
Lazy?? Nah.

Just think of it as "Effectively managing other's skills for the benefit of Teamwork"

Read that on a Team-building exercise website somewhere in the past LOL :D
:8855::8855: I'm going to use that excuse in future!!
Thanks LS - tried to give you a rep comment before on Guy's thread, but it won't let me give you anymore!! You gave me some great insight though!
Didn't do it myself

When our LLC told us that until 2008 there had never been a recommendation for a milk week I decided that I wasn't going to do it. i was doing so well with my weight loss I didn't want to do anything to jeopardise it.
So I just carried on the same right through Foundation and development with no ill effects.
One lady in my group did do milk week and has struggled ever since to get back on track. She's still addicted to lattes ever since that week.
Phew - am i glad I stuck to my guns.
My motto is "if it ain't broke- don't fix it".
Good luck whatever you decide.It's different for everyone.
I agree with SB, I think that if I tried a milkshake with actual milk, I might like it a bit *too* much and then struggle a bit once I have to stop having them after 1 week.

I'd rather just stick to water-shakes, I know I like the taste, they make me lose weight and I don't feel the 'need' to get 'real' food into my body yet. So yeah, especially if prior-2008 there was no recommendation to do it, I'll be steering clear of it thankyou :)
the week before i did milk week i had my first low loss of .5lbs after averaging 5lbs every week before that my llc said that milk week might boost my metabolism a bit so if you get to the point where your losses slow it may be something to consider
make sure you check milk amounts though- 1.5lts is if you have skimmed milk cant remember the others off hand
Yup, I agree with you Pete after I've had a think about it. Don't want anything to upset my flow!

Thanks Slenda for that - it's really useful to know that you didn't do it and it made no difference health wise to you.

As for the NICE guidelines, they advised through half my pregnancy that I could have 1-2 units of alcohol a week, which I did and enjoyed immensely after I'd passed the first trimester. Halfway through, they then advised that I should drink none at all. I stuck to my 1-2 units and week and I was happy and healthy, as was my little Charlie!

So I definitely think it's my choice and what makes me happy is to continue the way I'm going!

Thanks guys!
Sorry Ella, hadn't read your thread as I think we were posting at the same time.

That's really interesting and if things really slow down I'll ask LLC about it. Or if I start feeling unhealthy in anyway, I'll also definitely consider it.
I did it, like Vin - I felt if I am doing the diet for health, and better nutrition it would be silly not to do it. Plus I knew I had weeks and weeks to go, and felt my body deserved something to do.

I only gained ounces, and I use my milk for coffee and tea and the odd shake.

If you make the ice cream from the shakes, its excellant when made with milk.

Its a personal decision really. :)

Hmm, long way to go for me yet and I can see both sides of the argument but...wouldn't your LLC know that you hadn't done the milk if you had a normal loss and the others didn't?


nearly there!! :)
my llc never once mentioned to us bout milk week, i only heard from it through here, and the back of the book.

i too decided i didnt want to do it in case i put up and from day 1 i was only doing 14 weeks foundation (long as my bmi was in healthy, i didnt care bout a target), so this to me was not what i wanted.

i say do it if ya think its best for ya, do it, but if not dont bother xxx

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