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Milk is officially a no no on atkins hun. Basically the lower fat something is the higher carb it is. We only count carbs on atkins and skimmed milk is particularly high. I tend to use double cream and only used a little bit in my morning coffee but i only have one or two coffees a day. I tend to count a coffee with cream in as 0.5g carbs, when i use milk (at parents etc) i'll count it as 1.0g carbs per cup. But that's using either full fat or occasionaly semiskimmed milk. Skimmed milk would be more and officially we're not meant to have it at all. Some people use soya milk if that helps at all.
I have to admit I have been using skimmed milk from the beginning, mainly because I drink more tea than coffee and can't stomach cream in tea!! It hasn't had too much of an affect but I only have about 2 teas a day. If I would be better having semi, then perhaps I will change to that...


Recovering chocoholic.
WeightlossWannabee, Skimmed milk stalls me so I stick with cream but I only drink coffee.

Jane-D, can you tell this twit what 'W8 for life' means??
Hey wrinkly of course.

Its a meal replacement diet, you have shakes or packs of spaghetti bolognaise and thai curry etc, for 2 meals and then 3 healthy snacks and a low carb meal, the meal packs are all low carb...I ordered 5 weeks worth, so will finish and then get onto Atkins full time..

Does that make sense??

Ewww Jim I can't think of anything worse than black tea...have you always done that or was it the diet that forced you...so to speak...
I have just started drinking black tea for the first time in my life this weekend.... we had run out lol & I had so little milk in mine it barely tastes any different. Am sticking with it now.

I always drank my coffee black Jane, the tea came later when I was stationed in Germany, they drink it without milk there.
Thats good, not sure I could manage it though, I love that first cup of tea in the morning...
I just got used to it Jane, mind it is weaker and I sometimes have a slice of lemon with it.
Well I may have to try it tomorrow I am out of milk...lol..
Earl Grey and Redbush teas are great without milk. When I got into CD I drank loads of Redbush - a bit of an acquired taste (much like earl grey) but easy to get used to. Don't think I could do tetley or similar with no milk.
Well it was not my cup of tea....(deliberate pun..lol) have had to buy some milk as I really didn't enjoy it....Jx
It's an acquired taste Jane, like green tea I suppose.
LOL Jane sorry you didnt like it. I never use milk or any sweetners in my tea. When I lived in Burssa, Turkey for almost 3 years where Chai(tea is a way of life) I never used sugar. I like the taste of it without anything. I dont drink tea everyday but when it's cold I have tea all day.. I made green tea cold this summer boiled it and then put it in the fridge.. it was nice..

I use soya milk with cereals and etc.. I never used skimmed milk while I was low-carbing
Hmm its a habit I don't think I am going to be able to get out of!! It doesn't seem to affect me too much, the ketostix are purple still..... I love my tea too much, luckily I haven't taken sugar in my tea for about 15 years so that isn't a problem at all.....My weakness has always been snacking and wine....I am coping quite well not having wine, but feel the need to have an Atkins choc bar every night...

I can honestly say that in almost 5 weeks, I have not had any bread, potatoes, pasta, rice or sugar...can't believe it...just my milk I can't give up, so thats not so bad is it???
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If your losing your losing Jane. Shame about the wine though ;) I confess I drank red wine all during induction, well on a Friday night anyway.

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