Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I don't drink milk, so can't comment if there are any side effects, but there is a post recently about the chocolate frijj milkshakes. Hope they're ok for you!


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I've been having cereal and tea and all that with skimmed milk and so far soo good..I'd imagine if you made one with skimmed milk it would be ok...?? Or my slimfast ones..they're pretty good. :)


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I've not had any problems with semi-skimmed milk on cereal. You could try the new 1% fat milk with the purple lid? That should be fine too. The slim fast milkshakes are probably best if you want a milkshake. Good luck with your weightloss! :)


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I have soya milk in my tea and on porridge, you can get it sweetened with apple juice if you don't like regular soya milk.