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S: 20st9.5lb G: 10st0lb
I'd recommend trying them all at least once (if you don't like them your CDC will always swap them for you). It's very much a case of each to their own I think.
I personally only like the chocolate, mint/chocolate and banana and they have to be hot. I don't really have a sweet tooth so I prefer the soups to the shakes, so give them all a go and you can even have fun mixing them e.g chocolate/strawberry.
Good luck!;)
My best was choc tetra n hot choc mint, however I loved most of them in the end!


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as cold shakes I like the strawberry, fruits of the forest and vanilla ones.. I get the choc mint so I can make hot choc though :) and I get a few banana tetras every week for when I'm going out/don't have time. not keen on the chocolate tetra.. there's something odd about it!!
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I love all the shakes except Vanilla and Choc orange.Favourite changes all the time.At the moment it is toffee and Walnut and forest fruits.I particularly like both tetras mixed with mix a mousse and the butterscotch as a mousse too.I tend to have my shakes cold,although I sometimes have the choc warm if it is a cold day

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My favourites as shakes are banana, strawberry and Fruits of the Forest. I quite like the chocolate ones but didn't think I would as I usually don't like chocolate "flavoured" stuff. All the shakes are nice made into muffins so I've been doing that (and adding psyllium husks).

I thought I would like the soups but I can't get past the powdery texture - they are nice as crisps though - well the ones I've tried so far are.


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My fav is vanilla made into porridge It is soooo filling then it would be vanilla made up with 6ish ice cubes and some water .so that would be vanilla then
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i dont like any of the packet shakes or soups!! im fussy,i love the ready made shakes,but i would suggest trying them all
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I really can't stomach any of the soups and my fave shakes are strawberry and capuccino (which I had a spoon of coffee granules & hot water to make a latte). The banana tetra is great for work but I add loads of ice cold water as its too thick otherwise. I've now swopped a pack for a bar and they're soooo filling if you nibble them slowly.
I haven't tried fruits of the forest as I never fancied it. I've got a banana one to try but haven't got around to that yet. I've tried all of the others.

My favs are vanilla, butterscotch and toffee & walnut. I have these with psyllium husks added to make porridge which is very filling. These make good mousse. The vanilla also freezes to make a milky bar ( I'm sure the other do too but I've never tried them.

Strawberry and Chocolate are fine made up as above or with hot water added to make hot choc drink. I've never actually tried any of the shakes as cold shakes - I'm not a shake person really.
The cappucino one I wasn't too keen on. Maybe my fault as I had it as 2 thick cups of coffee.

I had my first choc tetra the other day, added 1 spoon mix a mousse and whizzed it. Put in freezer for 20 mins and it was lovely.

I have had no success with the muffins, maybe as I've not used a nonstick muffin bowl thingmy?
They always come out flat, flobby things that I feel are a waste of my meal pack. I tried the fudge but it didn't quite taste of fudge - it was wrong, like cakey half cooked meal pack actually !



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My fav's are choc, choc mint, and choc orange all hot and if i fancy something cold i'll have banana of fruits of the forest. The only soup i like is spicy tomato.
My fav at the moment is Toffee and Walnut, which I tend to get half my weeks packs in:eek:

I had a choc tetra for the first time last night, and it is delish!, but quite different from the choc shake, which I also love.

I think this diet is definitely easier if you have a sweet tooth:)

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