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MIM Toasted Cheese Sandwich

This is amazing.

I bought some toaster 'pockets' in the Pound Shop. Never used them before!

I made MIM mixture with a little salt instead of sweetener/flavouring and spread it out in as close to a 'slice of bread' shape as I could get. I cooked it as normal in the microwave. When cool I carefully sliced it in half and filled with grated extra mature cheddar cheese. I then put it in the 'pocket' and popped it in my toaster.

Out came a wonderful toasted cheese sandwich. Not quite like one made with regular bread, of course, but close enough. This could be adapted to suit almost any filling!
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wow sounds amazing!!!
i was actually thinking of making toasties with one of them gril type toasters...
Yes, you could easily do a Breville-type toasted sandwich. I have a Breville Quattro which has seen better days (I dropped it a few years ago!) but it still works perfectly and makes four yummy toasties.

The secret is to get the MIM 'bread slice' the right size and shape and make sure it's not too thick or too thin. Then, just about anything is possible in the Toasted Sandwich Department!

I love to experiment and the MIM mixture is great for that. Sweet or savoury it is yummy to eat, easy to prepare and cook and so filling. Mind you I have to be careful because I could eat four chocolate MIMs (with cream cheese frosting) in a row, no problem, if I were allowed to!

Try the toasted cheese MIM sandwich. You won't regret it.
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what are these pocket thingies?
what dot hey look like? i will look for that at the pound shop or tesco / asda on my nect trip.
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lol i agree with dizee i keep wanting more info on mims and they keep appearing on diff theads!!

Laura I loved "the mim" from first taste!! lolz
I was hooked after the very first MIM, too, sona!

The 'pockets' are as follows:

2 Reusable Toastie Pockets
Use up to 100 times

They come in a slender polythene pack with a yellow and dark blue cover sheet.

They are non stick and so easy to wash-out after use. I love Breville toasties of course but it is so quick to make a 'sandwich' and pop it into the ordinary toaster. Comes out with the outsides toasted and the filling hot and melted. I bought mine in Poundland but most cheapie shops have this kind of thing. Try the cookware section.

For those who can't understand the whole passion for MIMs I advise tinkering with the recipe. One good way is to add a tablespoon of cream cheese to the mixture, another is to add cream and a bit of extra water. Both tactics improve the taste and texture of the MIM.

By the way I never use the cinnamon! I prefer vanilla flavouring, or cocoa powder, or powdered ginger. Or I make them plain for sandwiches or burger buns.
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im going to try it with cream cheese tomorow... see how i get on..
also gingt o search for a square plate to make a "bread" mim shape so
i can make a toasti! I used to love having toasties with mince and boiled egg in them! or cheese and onion! hmmmmmmmmm
Check the new MIM thread. I have posted how to make two thin ready to use 'bread' slices from the MIM mixture, using the square or rectangular lid from a microwaveable container!

I made four slices last night after doubling the MIM mix quantities. I stored them in the fridge, ready for use today. I think I'll be making up quite a few batches of these, as they can be kept in the fridge or frozen.


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LOL, We used to have a grilled sandwich maker, it was my downfall, I could use up a loaf of bread in an evening, using all those tasty fillers.


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mmm cheese toastie.
I think im going to have to try again with the mim. i found it a bit stodgy. when you do the frosting do you just mean cream cheese?
Yes, cream cheese with powdered sweetener and sugar free flavouring. It makes a sort of very creamy 'butter icing' which is delish as a filling or a topping.


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Morning guys!

Going to have my first every tuna melt mim in a moment!!
made my bim like a bun and cut in half while still warm filled with tuna mayo and a little cheese then wrapped in foil. Just unwrapped it now to let it cool it got a lil soggy! looking forward to eating it!! yum!

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