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Mince Pie anyone??


Finding inspiration
OK... so they're in the shops already. And the minute I spot them, the cravings begin. But... I resisted and did not buy a box "to bring into work for everyone", knowing that I'd eat most of the box when no one was looking and figuring they'd assume everyone else had one.... LOL!

However, this time one of the team just walked in with two boxes of Co-op Deep Filled Mince Pies and sat them on the end of my desk for everyone. Damn him!!!

My first thought was "Oooooh! Yay!" But then remembered how little progress I have made in the last few months and decided to look it up.

Co-op Deep Filled Mince Pies - 6pk - 11 syns each, all plans.

11 syns... right there in two minutes of filled pastry indulgence. There, and then it's gone again - in no time. Nearly my whole day's syn allowance in one little pie.

The boxes are still unopened on the end of my desk. I'm sure I'll have one before the season is over, but not today my mini-mins friends. I have better plans. :)
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Well done you for looking it up, I'm now off to develop a loy syn mince pie recipe
The mini ones may satisfy an indulgence, or those without a complete pastry lid - I think M&S do some with a little pastry star on, saves a syn or two at least.
I love them. A. Lot. I will have them though, I'll just count it properly and fit it in with my day's plan. Not yet though. Too early!!
If it helps your not missing much, the co-op mince pies are pretty awfull, not much filling and a good area of fresh air inside on top of the so called minced meat and a lot of pastry that falls to bits when you bite into it. Definately not worth 11 syns. Feeling better?
Well done on resisiting! Write it on a 'resist list' and add up at the end of the day how many syns you COULD have had if you han't been so focussed.

If you still have a craving, I sometimes bake apples stuffed with micemeat- the mincemeat is 2 syns per tbsp and the baked apple is a HEXB if you are good (free if you are me- for God's sake- it's an apple!!!! lol)
They are lovely- very Chrismassy

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I cant stand mince pies, so the temptation wouldnt be there for me...however there is a piece of chocolate rice cripsy cake in my bag wrapped up for my daughter that is screaming at me at the moment...I will be strong!
Going to have a cuppa and a Cadbury's fudge finger instead! (allowed on my syns today)
I like the idea of a resist list. Gonna do me one for today as I have already resisted the home made cakes at the charity coffee morning and just gave a donation instead

I do these when having a low day- feeling like I am getting nowhere.

It is fantastic to add up what I would have eaten pre-SW. It really shows how even if I am not losing a lot, I would have been putting on in my old life
Last year sainsburys had ecclefechan tarts which were to die for, they had mincemeat in and frangipan. i hate to think how many syns they were and i went overboard ( was doing ww then anyway). If they have them again this year i will HAVE to buy some, but i'm thinking buy a box just for on christmas day
Last year sainsburys had ecclefechan tarts which were to die for, they had mincemeat in and frangipan. i hate to think how many syns they were and i went overboard ( was doing ww then anyway). If they have them again this year i will HAVE to buy some, but i'm thinking buy a box just for on christmas day
Just checked and they are 10 syns each

Love the name, though- makes them sound like fairy food.:D


Finding inspiration
The resist list... fabulous. What a good idea. It's all very well keeping track of what you DO eat, but just as important to make yourself see what you might have eaten if left to old habits. A very good illustration of why we're in this boat in the first place. Fantastic idea!
I love mince pies with the icing on the top - not going to buy any or I will end up eating the who 6.

Do slimming world do one of those health bar things that have mincemeat flavouring?

Christmas is going to be such a temptations with chocolates, mince pies and xmas cake think am going to hibernate for the winter!!
I can resist mince pies cos they don't do anything for me - but my mum insists on making us 12 each Christmas which are homemade pastry made with butter - they go each year but not necessarily into our bodies ;)

However, luxury caramel squares from Lidl - could happily scoff 2 at a time - 15 syns each!!!:eek:
Im not a very good baker kinda thing but im sure if we all put our heads together we'd be able to come up with a SW friendly mince pie! a bit like the syn free choc cake.... if we could find a syn free alternative to the heavy pastry at least, with 1 spoon of mincemeat in each one they would only be 2syns! come on peeps!!! lol!! x
Just found this recipe from last year thread.

Scan Bran Mince Pies

1 syn each
on red and green

Makes 24

24 scan bran (12 sins)
2 eggs
2 level tbsp mixed spice
1 level tbsp sweetener
6 level tbsp mincemeat (12 sins)


Preheat oven to gas mark 4, 180c, 350f
Break scan bran into small pieces and pour over some boiling water, cover and leave to soften.

Break up with a fork and add a little more water if some pieces are still not soft.

Beat the eggs and mix in the mixed spice and sweetener. Pour over the scan bran, mix well add the mincemeat.

Spray a little fry-light onto a baking sheet. Form the mixture into 24 rounds with 2 spoons.

Bake for 45 mins.

I love mince pies.


I ♥ Slimming World :)
11 syns? OMG!!

Has anyone tried the SW mince pies as detailed above? Are they any good?

Are all mince pies 11 syns or thereabouts or are some slightly better?

Has anyone ever opened a box of mince pies, pulled one out and put the rest away? Or are you like me and once it's open ... :hitthefan:


Lover of Extra Easy
I can take or leave mince pies.
If I do have one, one is more than enough as I find them way too sweet. Not worth 11 syns!!
The scan bran ones sound great. I am going to try those!

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