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Mind needs to catch up with body!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Sianylou, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sianylou

    Sianylou Member

    Hi guys, I've been at target now since October and I feel like my mind is yet to catch up with my body. I do see the difference but I only really go 'wow' when I see photos of myself. Still though, I get so worried I will put the weight back on and still find it hard to let go. I'm at target but I'm still not happy with my body, I see my friends who weigh more than me but I still think they look slimmer than I do. How long will it take for me to finally be happy with my body?! Can some target members please give me some advice. Also, do you still stick to plan, and how often do you go over syns?
    Sian x
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  3. lardylady

    lardylady Gold Member

    I have been at target since May last year and still stick to plan 100%, although I have lost a stone since then and have reset my target twice. I don't go over the daily allowance of 15 syns and most days settle at around 10. I still have to do a double take when I see myself in a shop window or photo as I can't believe I am no longer fat! I'm very happy with my body- including the bingo wings and flabby tum, not to mention my inner thighs that are just plain scary!! I'm sure we'll get used to it eventually!!
  4. Sianylou

    Sianylou Member

    I find that lately I really want lots of naughty stuff! I still stick to the plan in terms of main meals I just really want more syns :( I am wondering wether to take my target down a bit although everyone is telling me not to! It's really hard to not think of yourself as 'the fat person' anymore!
  5. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    I'm 6lbs away from targets and have lost 2st 8lb however I so get how you feel. I don't feel slim. Yes I have my moments but the majority of the time I feel like my head hasn't had chance to catch up with my body. I walk into shops and don't know what to pick up. I doubt myself that a size 8 or a 10 will fit, but it does. Most of the time I walk out empty handed!

    I lost a similar amount of weight 2 years ago and got to target and I can honestly say I felt lost when I got there! I don't know how I was expecting to feel once i got to target but i actually missed not losing weight or having an amount to lose!
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