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Mini 1 Week Challenge

Hi, Since gaining my 5 stone award I have lost my 'mojo' for sticking to SW plan. For the last 4 weeks I have lost and gained the same couple of pounds, have been on holiday but even now that I am back don't seem to be able to stay focused. Tonight I went through all my old clothes that are a size 20 - 26 and chucked them all away & it really helped to remind me how much weight I have lost. So I have decided to set myself a one week challenge... (surely even I can stick to one week) and to take each day as a mini challenge.. So I am committing to everyone on here that tomorrow I am going to stick to plan, stay focused and remind myself of how much I want to get lose the next stone. I am going to come on here every night and keep record of what I have eaten and how I am doing. Anyone that wants to join me, please do so, would be great to keep each other going for the next week.....:)
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What a great idea, i have really been struggling too and this sounds just what i need. I am so in, so the idea is we come on each night and confirm that we have been 100% on plan for the day every day for 7 days is that correct?


Is so doing it this time
Wow 5st is amazing hun!! :eek: I wish that was me :jelous: And going through your wardrobe was a great idea.... perhaps looking around for a nice frock for the party season will give you something to aim towards. Good luck both of you! x
Well day one of the mini challenge and i have succeeded in following plan 100% i have had 11 syns and am at present picking away a mini Green & Blacks Chocolate Bar. Am I really on diet and why have i found it so hard lately??? who knows but back on track now and hopefully the next 6 days will go as well.
How did you get on Chelsea?


I can do this............
hey all! would love to join in your mini challenge!

I have been pretty much off plan for the last few months and have gained 11lbs so decided that today would be first day back on plan and back on track. I am rejoining group on thursday night but could really do with the support to stay on track.

Today at work i have resisted cakes and biscuits and feel really proud of myself i have come so far i dont want to go back to the start! WE CAN DO THIS!!

I have been 100% today! Woop!
Good for you. I often take things one day at a time and award myself a gold star every time i stay on plan. I put them on a calendar and seeing lots of gold stars reminded me how well i was doing and inspired to stick to it more.
Hi Girls,
Glad you have had good days... I too have stuck to it 100%.. feel so pleased to have succeed ..had loads of fruit for snacks and stuck to 6 syns which I used on a sauce. Feel so much more motivated today........ I actually feel like I did when I began SW at the beginning of the year - I know that I can this and I want it enough to make it happen. I am going to stop looking at how long it is going to take me to lose the next stone and instead carry on focusing on following plan 100% one day at a time.
Good luck for tomorrow .........


Just doing it this time
great idea for a whole week at 100%

I weigh in tomorrow night and will join you then.

Gilly x
Had another good day today ......... agian had lots of fruit if I wanted to nibble on something ... had 8 syns used on a thai sauce for a lovely curry. ... quite happy with that...
tomorrow have a late night at work and I always find those difficult as I tend to get bored and start to pick ... need to find something to do to keep myself busy .. defiantely a weak area .
how has everyone else done today ??
Yes Please

i joined SW 3 weeks ago - 100% first week- 90% 2nd week- lost the plot this week - so desperate to get back on track. 100% today plus 3 mile run, looking forward to the challenge. P.s this is my first post and i am still trying to get to grips with all. ;)
Well the 100% for 1 week plan seems to be the way to go, its really motivating me and on day 2 not only have i walked the dog again for 30 mins. I have made a 2.5 syn raspberry and white chocolate roulade that i am now going to enjoy with a cup of tea. Good luck everyone for tomorrow.


Just doing it this time
Weigh in tonight - only lost half pound but got my club 10.

Had a chinese (but we have promised ourselves a chinese for weeks and hubby late home etc) not making excuses - it's done and now forgotten.

I am now with you for a 100% week - plenty fruit and veg and measuring the heb's and a's and looking forward to a better weight loss next week.

Good luck to you all.

Gilly x
Day 3 almost over and i have done it, 100% on plan. Yippee

I even counted the pink wafer biscuit i had after a stressful meeting, which normally would be forgotten and never synned. I am really feeling in control and definately back on track.

This is such a great challenge and updating daily is really motivating me. How is everyone else doing?
Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I think it being just a one week challenge has really helped keep me motivated. Another 100% today, evening though I was working late night and that is really a 'weak' time for me... Had a massive Jacket Pot with Cottage Cheese for dinner and then I made sure that I kept myself busy so didn't spend the whole evening looking for things to munch. Also promised myself all day that if I stayed 100% all day I could use some of my sins on an icecream - so that helped me be good and on my way home at 10 pm I bought an lolly and thoroughly enjoyed every bit ... knowing that I was within my syn allowance...

Here is to another 100% tomorrow... the week is going by so quickly.
good luck to everyone for tomorrow x


Just doing it this time
Although I blipped with the meringue nests !! - at a total of 15 syns for the day - I was still within a 100% day.

AND another 100% day today - so that's my 2nd day done.

My weigh in isn't until next Tuesday evening - I think you;'ll all weigh in before me so good luck girlies.
im going to join in if thats ok :) ive been slipping for ages and even though im losing 1lb each week i know i would be losing more if i was doing it 100% so starting tomorrow im back on plan 100% and writing everything down rather than forgetting about the odd biscuit here and there or not bothering to have any fruit etc.

taking it one day at a time is a great idea and so is Derbynannys idea of giving a goodstar for each day on plan so think ill be nicking that for myself lol

time2bslim - what did you mean about the merigue nest at a total of 15 syns??? the meringue nests i buy are only 2.5 syns each or 1 syn each for the mini ones.
Welcome Jane....... good luck with your 100% Week. I also stayed 100% today but found it much harder so some reason......... I found it really hard not to give into temptation........ it seems liked at so many times of the day I was having a real battle within myself to make the right choices.... glad I got through it and glad it is nearly the end of the day. Hope tomorrow is a bit easier...... its odd isn't it how some days seem so easier and you think that you have finally learnt some new lessons and then next day it feels so hard one long battle with food !!! such is life - onward and upward...... hope everyone elses day has been easier x
Well done everyone, I worked 12 hours today and normally after a late shift i treat myself to takeaway and make the excuse i am starving and cant be bothered to cook. However tonight that all changed, because of our mini 1 week challenge i came home stuck some new potatoes on and made a ham and egg salad with new potatoes. It is yummy as i am eating it as i type, thank you 1 week mini challenge.

I out tomorrow on a works meal but i have ordered food that should be free ish lets hope on Saturdays weigh in i see the results.


Just doing it this time
meringue nests 5 x 3 syns = 15 !! :wave_cry: to my syns yesterday. I was as high as kite with all that sugar. Greedy pig I am.


A sucker for a key change
Good luck to you all. I wish I had seen this thread a few days ago as I may have joined you. However, I have to become another year older tomorrow, so I will hang back and cheer myself with synful stuff for one last day before I get back on the wagon. I will keep checking back to see how you are getting on...

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