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Mini Babybel - long use by date?

Hi all,

Bit of a random question really, but Asda currently have the bags of 12 babybels on offer, 2 for £3, and I'm just wondering if they have a long life on them, or if they need to be eaten quickly?

Just at the price, they seem to beat the other supermarkets, who are about £3 for 12, whereas I would get 24!

Thanks in advance!
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I reckon they'd probably be ok, hard cheese can keep for a while (basically because they're already gone of - that's what cheese it!) and the wax around the Babybel won't let any air in so that will help too. No idea what the actual life of them is because I always eat them pretty quickly!
That's great thank you! I've been planning my shopping and meals for the next week, and I don't want to eat all of them in 1 week, although I do love cheese!


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
oh spooky- i was thinking this exact same thing last night

my mum bought babybel lights for me- and we stuck them in the fridge (just individually) and i was eating one last night- paranoid that i was poisoning myself....because i didnt know the use-by date :p
I think I read somewhere recently that some supermarkets are going to stop putting 'use by' dates on products !
That would be good! I only use them as a guide, particularly with fresh food and do always check to see what the food is like - so much lasts past it's best before or use by date. I just haven't bought Babybel in such a long time, I couldn't remember if they had a longish date on, and I want to buy 4 bags, as it works out to half price, and don't want to eat them up quickly!

I have tins which are out of date, but they are perfectly fine to use. Yet I have a friend who throws things away the moment it comes to the end of the best before, and must waste so much food and money!

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