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Hi, I am currently making speed tomato soup in my soup maker and used pickled onions as per the recipe, however once I put all the ingredients in and turned the soup maker on, I noticed that on the pickled onions jar it says 'once opened use within 6 weeks', now the actual date on the jar is March 2017.
I can't actually remember when I bought and opened the pickled onions, I know it was before Christmas but can't remember if it was the start of December or slightly before or after that. I usually mark all of my food when they need using by, but I didn't realise that pickled onions had a use by a certain time once opened.
Anyway, I am now worrying that I am not going to be able to eat my soup once it's made due to the pickled onions.
My question is, has anyone ever eaten pickled onions after they have been opened for more than 6 weeks, if so how long and were you okay after eating them?
Thanks in advance
I'd have no hesitation eating them (even in soup). The vinegar (and maybe salt) will keep the nasties in check!

I have definitely eaten pickled items way after the 4-6 weeks recommendation. Relax, and enjoy your soup!