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minimum price alcohol thrown out.

Thank goodness that the Scottish Parliament turned down the appeal for a minimum price for alcohol sold in supermarkets and off licenses.

I don't live in the U.K. I don't drink alcohol. So why am I so pleased.

Because at last common sense has prevailed and the responsible people who enjoy a drink, mostly in the comfort of their own homes , will not be penalised for the few irresponsible ones who drink on the streets and become a nuisance factor. They are a very small minority so why should the majority suffer for them

Deal with it in some other way.
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Do you know I always thought they could make "dieting" easier if food was priced accordingly. i.e. chocolate & chips reeeeeeeeeeaaaallly expensive :eek: and healthy SW friendly foods practically free :D
But like smokers always find the money for their fags, a chocoholic will always find the money for their bar of chocolate. Just as drinkers will always get their next fix no matter how they do to get it.

Made me smile though Leapfrog, in fact I am still smiling .
i don't blame supermarkets for pricing wine,beer,choc and other goodies low. i blame myself for lack of control . i am taking back that control, long road but glad i am on it . but glad that we are able to make our own choices without some goody goody making the decisions for the majority.
That's very true in fact Anita. But I know if I had to pay over a pound for a Mars bar but grapes were only 10p that would DEFINITELY aid me in making the right decision! LOL
i am a choco addict, i would still pay the price, even if it was a tenna.
he he
Unfortunately it's another nail in the coffin of the tenanted pub :(

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