Mint yogurt sauce recipe

Discussion in 'SW Sizzling Summer Recipes' started by Babypodge, 3 April 2014.

  1. Babypodge

    Babypodge Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a recipe for mint yogurt sauce or raita, to go on my fake dinner kebab! I have some total 0 yogurt in and I get the idea of it but I never seem to get it tasting quite right, help!

  2. hexe

    hexe Well-Known Member

    I usually add freshly chopped mint leaves, salt, pepper, sweetener and a little bit of white wine vinegar (all to taste) for a syn-free mint yogurt dressing.

    Even easier would be mixing some syn-free mint sauce into your yogurt and then add salt, pepper and sweetener to taste. But I am not sure if there are any syn-free ready made mint sauces out there. I'll check for you, I'm intrigued now x

    Some time ago I posted a recipe for tzatziki on here. That might go well with your kebab, too?
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  3. hexe

    hexe Well-Known Member

    Colman's Fresh garden Mint Sauce is free, so are any other basic sugarfree/no added sugar mint sauces in the little jars. Hope this helps x
  4. Babypodge

    Babypodge Well-Known Member

    It does help, thanks :)
  5. nettybungles

    nettybungles Well-Known Member


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