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Misery :(


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I feel so low :cry:

Last year I did Lipotrim for 7 weeks and lost 2.5 stone. I was elated but have struggled to get back and have put most of it back on :eek:

I have tried Exante and it made me ill so stopped it.

However, I am going away in under 6 weeks and really want to lose 2 stone. I will still be vastly overweight but at least it is something.

This is my second day on Exante and I feel so very miserable. I want to eat so much. Only trouble is when I eat I overeat so much I make myself ill. I do not understand my addiction/need for food and my out of control stuffing.

Sorry for coming on here and moaning but I could really do with some support and encouragment right now.

Thanks for reading x
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Hi! I know exactly how you feel. Iv previously lost weight on Cambridge and put it all back on and more. Then joined ww and then slimming world, same story lost it then put it on and now I'm back at my heaviest but now I am miserable and fed up and thought u can't keep going through lift like this so started on exante and although today is only day 6 I feel so positive. I think you need to be in the right frame of mind mentally to get back on track and coming on here definately helps!

I know what u mean when your eating is out of control. I binge to the point where I feel sick but I can't help myself. I hate myself for it but continue to do so! Hopefully this time I will succeed in losing weight and keeping it off and j wish you lots of luck! X


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Maybe go up to a 4th pack for a few days until you're in ketosis, you may find it helps a bit. Good luck as you get started into it, hopefully in a few days time you'll be feeling a lot better. It's so worth persevering, as this diet really can help you achieve your weight loss goals.
Good luck


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Catt, I am similar to you with my binge eating and felling sick, but this diet is great and you will achieve your goals, stick with it, it wil be so worth it in the end. I always go with Cybill's advice and it has really helped me. You will get there, good luck you can do it xx


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Aw thanks so much for your replies and encouragement :) I think I may be in ketosis today as my hubby is keeping a safe distance lol!

Good luck with your losses too x x x


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I'd suggest you figure out why you turn to food. It is stress? Anger? Boredom? What emotion are you covering up with food. If you are emotional eating then you need to figure out why.

Before you eat stop and ask yourself why. Solve that riddle and you won't put it on again.


Here we go again!
Just wanted to say Hi Catt! I was doing LT with you last year. I put back on quite a bit so started exante to lose the bulk again. Over 2 stones gone in 7 weeks, so you should be able to lose what you want by your holiday.

Good luck and if you need to pm me, I'm usually around here somewhere!


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Also an ex-LT'er here, I have put all my weight back on and more - I have never been as big as I am now!!! Some nice posts in here though, you guys have done so well and it just goes to show this diet really does work, that is motivation in itself :)


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Hi Bev and Aaron :)

Thanks bev and well done with your loss hun thats fab :) Also Aaron I know it's a pain regaining but at least we are in the right place :)

I am feeling better than I was and I am sure getting weighed on Thursday will be a big boost too.

Good luck everyone xxx

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