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miss galaxy


Yummy Mummy! xx
Thank you very much!!!!

Im off to bed in a minute, feel sick with nerves and Ive got stuff going over and over in my head!!!

Will pop on tomorrow afternoon to let you know how I got on !! xx

Will be thinking of you.............knock em dead !!!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
You'll do absolutely fine, all the best & let us know how things go.

Take Care



Yummy Mummy! xx
Update on interview...Im back!

Well, im back (obviously)

I think it went well, I managed to answer all of the questions and they smiled and nodded in all the correct places. They were lovely poeple and the job sounded amazing!

They asked me whether I had any questions at the end so I asked about training opportunities and how the role may progress.

They said the job was 30hrs and how would that be broken down to suit me. I told them that I had excellent childcare arrangments and Im flexible with regard to days/hours/times etc.

At the end I shook everyones hand and said thank you very much for seeing me today. They are interviewing all day today so she said that she would be in touch hopefully tommorrow if not monday and will let me know either way!

So, all in all, I did my best, I couldnt do anymore and if I dont get the job then it obviously wasnt meant to be.

Thank you all so much for your sdvice/support etc etc I felt I was as perpared as I could be.

Oh and by the way........ I looked the best! The girl who came out before me had on a pair of black trousers that were ripped at the bottom and a see through white top on and the girl after me had a pair of jeans and some trainers on!!!!!!

I will let you all know the minute I hear anything!


Silver Member
First impressions count for a hell of a lot at a job interview - they can immediately tell whether you are the kind of image they want for their company! Well done lovely, sounds like you did fantastically!

Best of luck, let us know how you get on xxxxxx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Well done, I'm sure you done really well it sounds like it & as Ruby says 1st impressions are a big thing also at the end asking about training/progression shows how interested you are & being flexible with the hours.

Brilliant, did you take a pic of your outfit XXXXX
It sounds really positive.

Your outfit sounded great, smart and not overstated.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression......that is so true........

Can not wait to hear your news.
sounds good-hope its a agood result. But remember even if you dont get this one ,you had a positive experience and can use the good parts next time. xx
Well done, it sounds like it went really well. Fingers crossed that you get it. Good luck and let us know,


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