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Discussion in 'Lipotrim TFR 100%' started by lillady2012, 7 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. lillady2012

    lillady2012 Member

    Is it ok to miss a shake? Just wasmt bothered this evening. I was home late.
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  3. leahcnnr

    leahcnnr Silver Member

    It's fine occasionally but because your nutrients are spread out over the three portions it wouldnt be good to get into the habit. Sometimes I only have two and I'm fine.
  4. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    Sorry lillady,

    this isn't a rant aimed at you, just loads of people have been asking the same, and I feel really strongly about this.

    You must take all three sachets. The lipotrim sachets are the minimum possible requirements you need before your body goes into starvation mode. They are the minimum you can take in in order to cope physically with everyday life and to ensure your brain functions properly. If you knew someone was eating food of less than 300 calories a day it would be a major concern. Your pharmacist and the video should both be clear that missing packs is a big no no.
    The least it will do is cause lack of weight loss.

    Sorry to keep going on about this, but I have a friend who became hospitalised due to missing packs. She was seriously ill for quite a while. This is the reason it is medically controlled.

    Please please everyone take all your sachets. It doesn't matter whether you are hungry or not, they aren't designed to satisfy hunger, they are your medecine to help you get better. If you were on anti-depressants you wouldn't think "I feel happy today" and stop taking them, or if you had a broken arm, take your cast off because it felt better. Please follow the plan properly!

    Sorry, lecture over! :)
  5. lillady2012

    lillady2012 Member

    I'll take them all from now on i was so weak this morning, and it nearly made me stop lipotrim but it was my fault for not haveing the shake last night

  6. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Fantastic post!
  7. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Very true and thankyou for the rant. We all needed thT!
  8. Nessybear

    Nessybear Full Member

    I was guilty to asking the same last week ! Thanks nic great post xxx
  9. lillady2012

    lillady2012 Member

    Should be weigh in tomorrow morning bt wont make that lost 9lb feel great about the loss but finding it hard to keep going :(
  10. and

    and Silver Member

    Am I the only one who wishes I could have an extra one?
  11. lillady2012

    lillady2012 Member

    sorry but whats VLCD
  12. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Very Low Calorie Diet which is what Lipotrim, Cambridge, LighterLife etc etc are x
  13. lillady2012

    lillady2012 Member

    ah ok thanks :)
  14. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Not at all, I'd give anything to have 4 a day!!!

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