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Missed a pack.


Thin People Only
Afternoon all!

Have searched for this already but cannot find any answers from any previous posts.
I was out yesterday and missed my 790 eve meal and 3rd pack. Didnt mean to!! :sigh:

Does anybody know how this will affect? It was only one day.
Also....can I have my missed pack today? :rolleyes: (Greedy guts!!!):D
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I don't *think* it will matter too much as a one off. When I wasn't well last week I missed one of my 790 meals which I think is fine. You shouldn't miss your packs though because of them having all the good stuff in them. I'd say forget yesterday's pack and carry on as normal today - no extra pack.

Hmmm, just as an aside - I've just noticed your ticker and losses... we have lost about the same in about the same time scale and I see over the last 3 weeks you're having small losses followed by a bigger one... I'm getting the same. Wonder why? :confused:

You're doing great!! Well done :D


Thin People Only

:eek: No extra pack!!!!!! Damn! Oh well, will continue as usual.

Yes loss is a bit strange!! The first 1lb loss I attributed to 3 hours in gym, so the week after I did no gym..........4lb loss. However still continued no gym last week...loss 1lb!
So its not exercise! Will get back to the gym this week, get toning up. Also helps me sleep loads better at night (bit hyper me!)
It is getting a bit silly, especially so close to the end. I wnat to start moving up!
I lowered my target to 11 stone, and will prob do 1000 for 3-4 weeks to get another half stone off. Rates will slow down, I know but this way I get into prac of 'better' food habits I suppose.

Does anybody know why our losses are so up/down????


Thin People Only
p.s. fiojam...you doing bloody great too!!

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If you feel you need an extra pack today take it. You would have fallen below your nutritional needs yesterday.

Even if its a bedtime drink try to make sure you have your third pack.



Thin People Only
thanks for that!! I think I will have the extra pack..feel a bit dopey and slow today, need the boost!