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Missed you guys!


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S: 25st5lb C: 15st8.2lb G: 15st13lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 9st10.8lb(38.54%)
;)Hiya everone,
Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted. You may rememebr I had been using lipotrim and developed a rash and doc said to stop. Well I went onto Atkins and have lost another 8lbs since then so over 2 stone now in three weeks. The rash however is still very much with me:cry: and doc is referring me to a dermatologist - after giving me withering looks about the Atkins diet. He offered me no other support regarding weight loss despite the fact that I am dangerously overweight - they just don't give a ****. You'd think that they would want to stop the potential drain on the health care system by me through all the terrible illnesse I could get by being this big - but no! "Stop doing crazy diets and eat healthily" - what does he think I've been trying to do for the last 35years. Has it worked? NO!!!!! Even though I was only on lipotrim for 10 days it gave me the hope that I can manage my weight issues and I hope that when I see the dermatologist I will be able to go back on, it or a similar VLCD.

Any way enough of my ranting - I have been sneeking on to take a look at all the success - well done Elle Em on your fab loss this week. Betsy- what can I say your weight losses continue to be amazing:wow:

I have been looking at the Atkins forum but they don't seem to post as often on there and i really miss this forum - so if it's all right with you guys i'll keep viewing and posting and hopefully i will be able to get back on the diet in a few weeks - I'll keep on Atkins until then. Here's to continued success with our journey xx
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Winky! I was thinking about you only yesterday and was going to venture into the other forums to see if you were posting. It's lovely to hear from you. It doesn't matter what plan you're using, we're all here to support.

Wow another 8lbs is fantastic! 2 stone is amazing! Atkins must be working for you. Did you stay in ketosis?

Grrr some medical professionals are so ignorant! They just don't understand what we overweight people go through. If it was as simple as they make out then why do they invent these pills and plans.

I'm so glad that LT gave you encouragement and hope to continue with your weight loss. After your first week's loss you couldn't let yourself down! I knew you'd do well.

Have they any idea why you have the rash? Is it anything to do with LT? What else are they ruling out? Poor you. Have they gave you anything for it?

Sorry for all the questions!

Stick to the Atkins as you're going great guns, and I really hope you can come back on LT soon.

Thanks Winky, my losses are very baffling. I'm hoping they slow down a tad as I really want to tone. I know I sound ungrateful but LT has made me vain!



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I knew that rash had nothing to do with the diet. I think I even said that doctors just grab at the first change in your life and blame it. babes I hope you get better soon. It does not matter what diet you do as long as you can stick to it and it works for you.
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Missed you hun!!

Glad to see you back.

Like Jesi I suspected the rash was nothing to do with LT but doctors love to put down anything that isn't 'eat sensibly and exercise'.

Well done on your losses- great that you're still motivated and on track



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S: 25st5lb C: 15st8.2lb G: 15st13lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 9st10.8lb(38.54%)
Thanks guys- lovely to hear from you all again. This forum is so amazing - the best one on minimins!!! :)
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Sorry to hear the rash is still there!! Hope they get it sorted quickly!!

Haha, doctors & their views on weightloss!! "You do know you're overweight..." "I was aware of that, yes," "well, I know it's tough, but maybe you should start cutting out the cakes," "I don't like cakes, actually." I don't. Or chips. Or crisps. I'm not your typical fat girl ;-) They're useless! Take no notice!! Also, cake man was obese himself! I wonder if he'd tried cutting out the cakes? You're taking action to change & make yourself healthier & happier, you know that, so their views are irrelevant! Does sort of sound like they were wrong to point the finger at LT too, doesn't it?

I'm sure no one's going to mind you popping over to the LT forum, glad to see you're doing well on Atkins so far, good luck with the rest of your journey :)


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