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missemma's food diary - take 2 (on page 2).


Take Thatter
I've always wanted to do a diary, but I haven't ever got round to writing one, hopefully will be able to keep this up to date :)

I've lost 4 stone 12lbs so far, am hoping to lose 2lbs this week to make it 5stone, however am doing it slowly because I don't want to rush and then end up putting it back on, which is what I've done in the future.

So for today,
Green Day.

B: So I slept in until midday because it's my day off and didn't have anything as I was rushing out and would eat when I got to my parents ...

L: No food at my parents haha, so I had 2 weetabix (HE), warm milk (HE) and a handful of raspberries.

T: Rice, smoked haddock (HE), spring onions, sweetcorn & 2 boiled eggs.

Snack: Mango, apple & Pineapple slices.


I do usually eat more than that, but I really needed a lie in so had that instead, hehe :)

Let me know what you think xxx
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Take Thatter
Oh, I usually eat more than that, I just woke up late, and rushed around doing loads of stuff so haven't eaten very much today.

I generally don't eat any syns, I never have done as I'm always full up from what I have eaten, I know people say you should eat them, but I've continued to lose weight by not, and I'm not restricting myself in any way. I do treat myself to whatever I want. One thing that I haven't had for ages is options hot choc mixed in with some yoghurt, deffo going to have some of that on Saturday, proper nice that.

Thanks for taking the time out to check out my diary, I appreciate it :)


I will be a yummy mummy!
Mmm I had a white choc options mixed up in total 0% for the first time a couple of days ago, mixed in some strawberries and raspberries. It was so good - tasted really naughty for only a couple of syns.
As long as you're happy without using syns and are still losing then I guess that's ok. I couldn't do it myself, there's some days where I just need chocolate (or more often wine in my case!!)
Hope you have a good day today x


Take Thatter
Thanks my dear. I don't really feel the need to eat my syns, however saying that, I do sometimes use them on alcohol for instance. I do use them sometimes, it depends on what I feel like.

I've found that being on this diet is good for me because now I don't spend all day dreaming about getting home and stuffing my face with crap, or like on a drive home from somewhere stopping in Tescos and buying something fatty to eat. It's totally changed my relationship with food. Love it.


B: 2 weetabix (HE), warm milk (HE) & 2 sweetners.

L: crabsticks, lettuce (2 different types), cucumber, tomatoes, 1 tbsp fat free dressing (0.5syns), peach & mullerlight.

T: Cod baked in the oven with mushrooms, lemon juice and onion, beetroot, roasted peppers (with frylight), 2 satsumas.

Drinks: 3x small cups of coffee, 750mls water.

If anyone can help me, to be following EE do I need to have a 1/3 superfree for breakfast as well or I can just use HE for this?
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi missemma, hope you're having a good weekend. Re. the third superfree... it's only a recommendation, you don't have to do it. I struggle having it for brekkie so tend not to.
I know someone on here suggested to look at your whole days food and try and ensure a third is superfree, i.e. make sure you're snacking on loads of fruit between meals.

If you're making sure your lunches and dinners have third superfree then you should be fine
Hello all, haven't posted here in ages, I'm totally useless and totally forgot I had made a thread, duuuuh.

Todays food so far:

Green day

Brunch (as I woke up at 1pm).
2 slices bread (HE), 3 slices quorn bacon (unsure of syns), 2 eggs fried in frylight (free), tub of very low fat cottage cheese (free), very thin spread of extra light philly (0.5 syns?).

handful or two of frozen grapes (free)
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2 weetabix (HE) & warm milk (HE)

spaghetti, quorn mince, onion, mushroom, tinned toms. (free)
Mullerlight (free)

6 crackers (HE) very low fat cottage cheese (free).

1 orange, mango fingers.
Okay, am back after not posting for ever and ever.

Gonna start posting my food diary in here from now.

Green Day.

2 weetabix (HE), toffee muller light & banana.

Salad (tomatos, peppers, cucumber, lettuce) & low fat cottage cheese.

Jacket spud, beans, light philidelphia (HE), lettuce & tomatoes.

Sugar free jelly (0.5syns).
Green Day.

B; 2 weetabix, yoghurt & strawberries. (he & free)

L; Salad & tuna. (free & he)

T; SW quiche (quorn sausage, mushrooms, eggs & cottage cheese) with lettuce & tomatoes. (free)

Green Day.

2 slices bread, left over SW quiche, small spread of extra light philly. (he x2 & free).

Pasta, quorn sausages, small squirt of extra light mayo. (free & 2 syns)

T; many many many glasses of free wine at a Robbie Williams gig, eee. (many many syns).

Green Day.

B; 2 weetabix, yoghurt, banana. (he & free)

L; Salad & tuna, apple. (he & free)

T; 6 cracker, sweetcorn & extra light philly. (he x2 & free)

Green Day.

B; 2 weetabix mixed into muller light yoghurt. (he & free)

L; Couscous with tuna & sweetcorn, apple. (free & he)

T; Nothing as am full to the brim with couscous.
Saturday :

B: 2 eggs & toast (free & he).

L: Salad (free) & tuna (he). Apple.

T: Rice (free), quorn pieces (free), vecon, peppers, onions & mushroom (free).

Snack: 0% yoghurt & options hot choc (2syns).


B: Banana & yoghurt (both free)

L: 2 slices toast (he), 2 eggs (free) & beans (free).

T: Fruit (free)

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while, went away last week with the OH and totally went off track. It's very difficult going away and trying to stay SW friendly, there aren't many places who like to cook your food differently to how they do it. Meh. I didn't want to make my boyfriend sit in our hotel room eating mug shots or couscous. I did pay for it though by putting on 2lbs this week.

Anyways, totally back on track as of today, just had breakfast (as I had a lie in) and am waiting for it to digest a little before I go down to the gym. So as of today ..

Monday - green day.

b : 2 weetabix & warm milk (hex2).

l : pineapple chunks.

t: jacket spud, salad, fat free dressing, low fat cottage cheese. muller light.
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tuesday - green day.

b: tinned tomatoes on 2 slices toast (he).
tea with a dash of milk (he allowance).

l: salad with crabsticks.

t: quorn meatballs, mushrooms, onions, chopped tomatoes, spaghetti.
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hi have just come across ur diary have to say well done on what u've lost so far and good luck losing the rest :happy096:
wednesday - green day.

b: 2 weetabix (HE), warm milk (HE), handful of strawberrys, raspberrys & grapes ontop.

l: sw quiche made with mushrooms, onions & leftover quorn meatballs. potato salad (made with 0% total & mustard), salad. fresh fruit salad for pud.

t: spaghetti, quorn bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach & philly, all mixed up together. YUM

I really hope to lose 3lbs this week.
So it's been ages since I've posted in here, did a long stint of just doing it myself and even though it went really well the last few months I've not really been following the plan very well and have been yo-yoing a lot so from today I thought I'd get back on it properly and give myself a good kick up the butt.

I always did green days before but I'm going to mix it up a bit to give myself a bit more variety which will stop me eating the same food all the time but will also help me to explore new things & get all the nutrients I never got before. I've been told recently that I'm very low on iron, probably due to not eating enough red meat so here we go.

Today I started properly after lunch but I'm going to list all the food anyhow.

Breakfast - 30g cornflakes (5 syns) & 200mls light soya milk (1/2 HEa)

Lunch - lean ham (free) & 3 slices of wholemeal danish weight watcher bread (HEb) with a tbsp of extra light mayo (0.5syns).

Tea - Extra lean mince blitzed with an onion & herbs to make burgers, grilled (free) topped with 1/2 babybell on each (1/2 HEa) with home made coldslaw (onion, red cabbage & carrot) with 1 tbsp extra light mayo (0.5 syns).

Snacks - 1/4 loaf banana soreen (11syns - if the 20 calories to 1 syn thing is true) & 1 banana (free).

Syns: 17/15.
1 HEa
1 HEb.

Totally went over my syns before lunchtime, going to just have 2 less tomorrow :)
Need to keep going with this so am going to try and use this page as motivation :D woo.
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Good morning everyone.

After a day of sitting down, reading through my books and looking on here I have lots of ideas of what I can cook and yummy recipes.

Since I always did green days (and had a good loss on them tbf) I thought this time I would mix it up a bit with a few red days as carbs are my downfall for sure.

I made a yummy dinner last night. Homemade burgers topped with 1/2 a baby bell light & home made coldslaw, have a picture;

The plan for today is to have chicken breast wrapped in lean bacon for dinner, I might stuff it with some extra light philly & spinach as well and have some leeks and other veggies with it. I'm not sure what to have for lunch yet but I have some nice extra lean ham in the fridge and may have it with a boiled egg and a slice of WW danish and some of my leftover coldslaw that I made last night.

Red day.


42g all bran (HEb)
200mls alpro soya light (1/2 HEa)
banana (free)
Tea with milk (saved some from my 200mls to put into my tea).

2 slices lean ham (free)
2 boiled eggs (free)
3 slices WW wholemeal danish (HEb)
Homemade coldslaw (0.5 syns)
Lettuce (free)
Tomatos (free)

Chicken breast (free)
Lean bacon (free)
1 babybell (1/2 HEa)
Leeks & spinach (free)
Melon & strawberrys.

Syns = 0.5
HEa & 2 HEb's in total.
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Dinner was equally as gorgeous.

Skinless chicken with all fat removed covered with lean bacon and chopped up baby bell in the middle (1/2HEa) cooked in fry light & seasoned with garlic.

Served with steamed leeks & spinach.

Going to have some melon & strawberry for afters.


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